Tisha’s warning amid Apurba-Nazia split out; Why?...

Dhaka, Sunday   09 May 2021

Tisha’s warning amid Apurba-Nazia split out; Why?

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 Published: 10:44 AM, 18 May 2020   Updated: 04:35 PM, 18 May 2020

Apurba-Tisha and Apurba-Audity

Apurba-Tisha and Apurba-Audity

The 9-year-conjugal life of actor Ziaul Faruq Apurbo and Nazia Hassan Audity has ended recently. It is buzzed that they got divorced earlier this year. Although the news of the divorce has been kept secret for so long, Aditi has brought it publicly.

Although he said that there are many reasons behind the breakup of the family, Audity did not mention anything separately. However, there are rumors that actress Tanjin Tisha is behind the breakup. News on this issue has also been published on different online portals.

Rumor has it that Apurba-Tisha got involved in a regular relationship; Although Apurba's wife objected to that matter. Audity also disbelieves that the Apurba-Tisha relationship is just a friendship. All in all, the arrow of accusation is towards Tisha.

However, in a status on Sunday night, Apurba confessed to the divorce and asked for blessings for their child. However, the actor has also warned to take legal action if gossip is spread by associating his name with another actress.

Apurba mentions in that status, everyone will refrain from doing bad deeds like gossiping about personal life and adding to their suffering by making oblique, false fabricated comments. Please don't try to make news by making a fabricated story in it, please, he also requested.

At the same time, the actor said, "I am much honored to announce that my wife Aditi and I have ended our relationship legally through a very peaceful settlement." If any media outlet publishes any kind of false news involving a third party in this matter, I will take legal action against them under the ICT Act. I have already collected links of some news published online.”

Meanwhile, Tanjin Tisha has urged the fans not to pay heed to rumors this time. She even threatened to take legal action against those who spread the rumors. "I don't usually respond to rumors," Tanjin Tisha wrote on her Facebook page on Monday morning. “Today, however, I feel that the ongoing gossip published in a few online newspapers should be stopped. Please do not use my name. This will only make the ongoing situation of the artist and his family worse. I truly believe that someone is deliberately creating this to tarnish my image.”

Tisha said, “Please don't believe the news which has no truth.” “I urge you all not to spread this rumor. Because spreading fake news is also a cybercrime.”

“I urge you not to mention my name in such baseless stories,” Tisha told reporters. “I will take legal action against those who continue this work,” she also warned.

Apurba had earlier married actress Sadia Jahan Prabha on August 19, 2010. However, they got divorced in February of the following year. On July 14 of that year, Apurba married Nazia Hassan Aditi. Apurba-Audity has a son named Ayyash