TikTok’s ‘beautiful’ young girls sent abroad for prostitution...

Dhaka, Friday   25 June 2021

Bangladeshi girl assaulted in India

TikTok’s ‘beautiful’ young girls sent abroad for prostitution: Police

 Staff Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 07:39 PM, 29 May 2021   Updated: 07:41 PM, 29 May 2021

DMP Tejgaon Division Deputy Commissioner (DC) Md. Shahidullah briefing reporters

DMP Tejgaon Division Deputy Commissioner (DC) Md. Shahidullah briefing reporters

The international women trafficking ring targets those “beautiful” young girls including housewives, who are making TikTok videos, through a Facebook group where they joined based on mutual identities. From there, they offer “job temptation abroad” to these girls. After trapping girls in this temptation, they forced them into prostitution, told Md. Shahidullah, Deputy Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police’s (DMP) Tejgaon Division, reporters on Saturday.   

“This women trafficking ring has a huge network in many countries including Dubai and the Middle East, southwestern part of the country and parts of India,” he said, mentioned that the police found the source of this international woman trafficking ring while launching an investigation into the viral video of a Bangladeshi girl being tortured in India.  

“An information obtained that a group of human trafficking gangs was operating a Facebook group with youths who are making TikTok videos,” DC Md. Shahidullah said.

“A pool party was organized in a district near Dhaka in December 2020 under the supervision of that group admin. About 600-700 young girls and boys took part in the party. From there, the girls are targeted and trafficked to various markets, supershops and beauty parlors for well-paid jobs.”

“While doing the investigation, information about many more girls who were trafficked through this cycle found,” he also said, however, could not provide the exact number. “The number of trafficked young girls is not small.” 

Meanwhile, investigators say there are speculations that there may be more such groups. The issues are being examined continuously.

The Deputy Commissioner of Tejgaon Division said the main dan of this gang located in the Anandapur area of ​​Bangalore, India. “Girls of different ages are trafficked to India mainly to force them into prostitution. They have agreements with some local hotels. As per that, they are providing women in exchange for money.”

Trafficked young women are forced into prostitution, drugged, stripped naked, photographed or tortured. The cycle threatened them to release the pictures and videos online if they did not agree to commit immoral acts. It is a strategy of blackmailing to keep them in their hands and force them to do immoral things, added DC Md. Shahidullah.

After the video went viral, the issue was also discussed in India. Indian police later arrested them in a hurry. The main accused TikTok Hridoy and four others were arrested along with the rescue of the victim. It has been confirmed that everyone has gone to India illegally. They had no visa or passport.

A case has been registered under the Human Trafficking and Pornography Control Act with Hatirjheel Police Station. The arrestees have also been prosecuted in India. “But since they are Bangladeshis and have been sued here, efforts are being made to bring them back,” Tejgaon Division DC said.