Thousands of monkeys in locality for food crisis...

Dhaka, Tuesday   28 September 2021

Thousands of monkeys in locality for food crisis

 Narsingdi Correspondent

 Published: 07:23 PM, 3 July 2021  

Monkeys are in the locality, searching for food 

Monkeys are in the locality, searching for food 

Thousands of monkeys in Rampur, known as the ‘monkey kingdom’, in Monohardi upazila of Narsingdi are in dire need of food in the Covid-19 situation, as a result, monkeys are entering the locality for food amid this extreme crisis. Sometimes they have been stolen food from houses and sometimes they have been destroying crops. 

In such a situation, if measures are not taken to rehabilitate them quickly, the concerned community thinks that there will be an “extreme disaster” in people’s life. 

Rampur is a secluded village of Khidirpur UP, about 15 km north of Manohardi Upazila Sadar. On the way to this village, as soon as entering the Rampur Bazaar, people can see thousands of monkeys sitting in groups on the roofs of houses, under trees or on trees. Monkeys have been living in this village along with people for almost 1.5 years, but they have been suffering from a food crisis for several years due to deforestation. In the current Covid-19 situation, it has reached its peak. 

At this critical time, no government or private organization is providing food for the monkeys. As a result, hungry monkeys sometimes attack pedestrians or houses. Sometimes they destroy the fruits of the trees and the crops of the fields.

Harun Aur Rashid, a trader in Rampur Bazar, said the monkeys in the Rampur area have been suffering from a severe food crisis for the past one and a half years. As a result, the normal life of the locals has become unbearable. They enter houses and shops and destroy everything and eat whatever they get, he added. 

Anwara Begum, a housewife, said food ingredients could not be kept in the house for the monkeys. They took everything whenever they got chances. 

Aminul Islam, a teacher in the area, buys chiras (flattened rice) and biscuits to feed the monkeys every day, however, he said the amount is very insufficient. If the monkeys were officially provided with shelter and regular food, they would not have oppressed the people of the area in this way, he also said. 

Local Khidirpur UP chairman Mahbubur Rahman (Jamil) said monkeys have been living in the union for about 1-1.5 years. They stole food from houses, but this problem has reached an extreme condition in recent times. However, if the shortage of food for monkeys is met, then they can be an asset for the village of Rampur in Khidirpur UP. 

Monohardi UNO ASM Qasem said there was no official allocation for monkey food. However, I will “include” the chairmen so that their meals can be arranged locally.