Things kept in mind during shaving ...

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Things kept in mind during shaving 

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 Published: 05:22 PM, 17 September 2020   Updated: 05:27 PM, 17 September 2020

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Regular shaving affects the skin, the skin becomes rough. That's why there are some things to keep in mind when shaving: 

> After taking a bath at morning, it is best time to shave as this time the beard is soft, the skin is also smooth and so it can be shaved easily. 

> Before shaving, you need to wash and clean the skin with face wash.

> Use gels and creams that adapt to the skin.

> Be sure to use a good quality razor.

> Do not pull the razor by pressing, it damages the skin.

> You pull or use the razor slowly. 

> After shaving, apply antiseptic cream.

> Use alcohol-free products for shaving.

> You must spend a day in week without shaving.

> Use regular moisturizer to keep skin smooth.

> If you ever need to shave outside the salon, be sure to use a new blade.

> Wash the razor in hot water once a week to keep it sterile.