The king who rose from the dead

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The king who rose from the dead

 Salahuddin Ahmed

 Published: 09:48 PM, 11 October 2019   Updated: 09:31 AM, 12 October 2019

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Kumar Ramendra Narayan Roy was the second son of King Rajendra Narayan. Rajmata, Rani Bilasmani was a power-goddess and visionary woman. As a Rajmata, she was extremely popular with the people of her pargana (territory). King Rajendra Narayan was a hipster and stayed out of normal life. He did not maintain his Estate. So Rajmamta Bilasmani was the actual caretaker of the Bhawal zamindari.

The manager of the estate, Kaliprasanna Ghosh, the famous literary figure, became so greedy on the zamindari wealth. So he pushed King Rajendra Narayan into the filth of consumerism for his own sake, and the condition of the treasury soon worsened. Rajmata finds a way to keep her children away from it. She realizes the importance of education and hires a teacher named Mr. Houghton. But the situation of the potters was not particularly promising.  The second son of Rajendra Narayan, Kumar Ramendra Narayan was also had no exception. Three sons of Rajendra Narayan get a lot of money from zamindari every month. So they became arrogant and would not listen to their mother's order. In the meanwhile, King Rajendra Narayan died in 1901 and Rani Bilasmani took over the zamindari totally.


Kumar Ramendra Narayan was married in 1902 to a wonderful lady Bibhabati. However, since her marriage, she leads a luxurious life as queen in the Bhawal Rajbari. But she was not so happy. Kumar did not have any outstanding qualities. He used to go hunting on horse cart. Although the appearance was like kings but the behavior, the dress, and the hope did not match him as a member of the royal family.

Like the other two Kumar, the unusual thing to say about the impudence of Kumar Ramendra was that he was suffering from an ugly disease. In this case, Ramendra Narayan was not a bad person. He was a very kind-hearted to his tenant.

However, the two worst behaviors were his addiction to alcohol and flirt. He was fond of hunting. Bibhabati was also unfortunate to keep her husband away from alcohol and women. So Kumar Ramendra Narayan was Syphilis patient.

He already made a distance with his wife. It may be heard that Bibhabati engaged extra-marital affairs with her husband’s personal physician Ashutosh Dasgupta, to get rid of the annoyance with her husband's behavior.


When Rajmata Rani Bilasmani died in 1907, Bhawal palace became the center of conspiracy in the royal family. Ramendra Narayan’s condition was worsening day by day. Doctor’s in Dhaka could not diagnose the diseases. So Ramendra Narayan went to Kolkata for his treatment. In 1908, after the death of Rajmata, Bivhabati’s brother Satyendranath had come to the palace for getting a job at Shilong. But the mismanagement of Zamindari tempted Satyendra to become the future owner of the wealth. Then Satyendranath became very powerful day by day, even more than his sister Bibhabati. Ramendra Narayan went to Kolkata with Satyendranath for treatment.

But in this journey, Ramendra Narayan could dot recovery his diseases. In 1909, personal physician Ashutosh Dasgupta advised him to go to Darjeeling and to change the air. He also showed him greed for hunting.


Ramendra Narayan traveled to Darjeeling with a team of twenty members where his wife Bibhabati, Satyendranath and personal doctor were accompanied. They arrived in Darjeeling two days after the start of the journey. Ramendra Narayan's physical condition worsened in Darjeeling. From there, telegrams were sent daily to the Zamindar house of Bhawal Estate, stating the physical condition of Ramendra Kumar.

Every letter it was stated the fever, pain in the abdomen of Ramendra Narayan and civil surgeon of Darjeeling who takes care of him. On 6th May 1909, Ramendra Narayan becomes very sick. In this situation Ashutosh did not give him medicines that night, but he waited for better treatment from the civil surgeon the next day. Though his wife wanted to stay with her husband as much as possible, she could not. His brother Satyendranath kept Kumar Ramendra in a separate room as doctors advised.

The death of the king

The civil surgeon fed him some mincer (One kind of liquid medicine) that night. Kumar's condition was sometimes approaching the good, but in fact it becomes worse. On May 8, a doctor at a local Victoria hospital, Calvert, tried to push Morphea injection after seeing the pain but Kumar did not agree.

However, in the afternoon Kumar took the injection and it reduced the abdominal pain. But at the same time, he was severely weakened several times due to vomiting and blood clotting.

Then queen Bibhabati's uncle brought a doctor. His name was Bibi Sarkar. He said Kumar's condition is not particularly good. Kumar’s body has become cool. After a while doctor declared Kumar was dead but his wife later denied. A mystery was created there, when did Kumar die? In the evening or at midnight? Many people, including the door-keepers at the stop-acid house, said that Kumar died that evening.

While Bibhahati and his brother Satyendra always say that Kumar died at midnight. The civil surgeon in Darjeeling cited the stone at the gallbladder as the cause of death. The next day, the funeral of Kumar was held in Darjeeling on May 8th. This is where the main mystery of Bhawalraja's story begins. It was raining that day. Kumar's body was kept outside the crematorium, wrapped with charcoal.

Meanwhile, hailstorm started. Everyone entered a room to save their bodies. About an hour later when the rain stopped, the body of Ramendra Narayan could not be found! Those who were there, they searched for a while and left without finding anything. They come back to the crematorium thinking that the deceased body had taken by foxes or dogs. On the morning of 10th May, everyone left Darjeeling for Joydevpur. At midnight on 11th May, the queen returned to Jayadevpur. The shadow of mourning fell on the palace.

On 18th May, a tribute was made for Kumar Ramendra Narayan. But rumors were circulating about Kumar Ramendra Narayan's funeral that did not happen in the right way. In that situation the rumor has spread widely. Meanwhile, Satyendra appointed a new manager named Mr. Needham instead of Mr. Sen consulted with his sister. Then the palace conspiracy went deeper.

However, without the conspiracy, the authority of the palace was taken by Satyendra. Because after three years, the elder and the younger Kumar died and the palace became empty. On the other hand, Rani Bibhavati and her brother Satyendranath left the palace and came in Kolkata. As the situation in the Bhawal Estate was weakening, the rumor that Kumar Ramendra Narayan was alive and that he would return one day, was becoming stronger. As a result, the British government took over the entire Zamindari at one time.

The king appears in the form of a monk

Twelve years later, it was 1921. In May, the month of Ramendra Narayan’s death, a handsome monk was found in the Buckland Dam area of ​​Dhaka. His look is exactly like Ramendra Narayan! Those who have seen Ramendra Narayan earlier, were shocked to sees this monk. It didn't take long time for the news to spread one person to another. The news reached the Bhawal Estate too. Atul Prasad Ray Chowdhury, landlord of Kashimpur, brought him to his house.

People from the area came to see him after hearing the news. Twelve years after his death, Kumar Ramendra is back, it's not a small incident! Ramendra Narayan's younger sister Jyotirmoyi Devi was reported. She came out of her father-in-law's house. Jyotirmoyi Devi was shocked to see the monk. This guy looks exactly like her second brother! Except for all the hair, the whole look is like Ramendra Narayan. Jyotirmoyi, who tested the empty monk well, found some stain where Kumar Ramendra injured several times in hunting. She also found some born stain on the monk body. All of the sign hundred percent were similar with Kumar Ramendra Narayan.

The monk was asked about his real identity, but he did not say anything. He just said that he left his family to take up a monk. He also informed that he didn’t know anything about Ramendra Narayan. But most of the people did not believe his words. With the interest of the people he feels annoyed, the monk left Dhaka with his companions and went to Chandranath Hill in the then Chittagong. After spending some time there, he returned to Dhaka. People started to see him again.

Upon receiving the news of his return, the landlord Atul Prasad Ray Chowdhury took him back to his house. In some areas, landlords came together to discuss, something must be decided about this monk. When the news came, the monk sat in front of the palace of the Bhawal Estate, surrounded by curious crowds. Perhaps he has decided to break his silence and open his mouth this time. Then the question and answer episode have begun. The monk could remember the name of his foster-mother Alka, that no one knows outside the royal family.

While the doctor Ashutosh Dasgupta asked him what really happened in Darjeeling. The monk gave the correct answer to each incident. This is the Kumar Ramendra Narayan, no one had in any doubt. Whatever the overwhelming evidence, it was not possible for some people to accept Kumar Ramendra Narayan Roy. One of them was Satyendranath Banerjee, brother of Ramendra Narayan's wife Bibhabati. Because he had already taken out 3,0000 takas from Kumar Ramendra’s life insurance.

Besides, Bibhabati gets allowance around lakhs taka annually on behalf of the prospective Zamindari as Kumar Ramendra’s wife. Satyendra took it totally. So Kumar Ramendra Narayan Roy’s return was an ominous signal for Satyendra. Stay tuned to Daily Bangladesh to read the last episode…