The cursed fort, where no roof sustains!

Dhaka, Tuesday   07 April 2020


The cursed fort, where no roof sustains!

 Dhrubo Ekramul

 Published: 11:27 PM, 7 October 2019  

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We heard about different types of cursed palace or fort in the fables during our childhood. But today we will tell you about such a fort really exists in the world which is arguably considered one of the most haunted forts all over the world. The name of the fort is Bhangarh Fort, located at the borders of the Sariska Tiger Reserve in the Alwar district of Rajasthan.

Archaeological Survey of India puts restrictions to stay there overnight, so have to believe absolutely there is something. Bhangarh is a cursed place according to people and considered the most haunted place all over India.  There are basically two myths behind it being a cursed fort.

One such myth says that the city of Bhangarh was cursed by the Guru Balu Nath. The fort was built by King Madho Singh, the younger brother of Emperor Akbar’s General Man Singh. Ascetic Guru Balu Nath had meditated at this place.

It was built after getting approval from the Guru. Common folklore says Balu Nath made the king promised that his fort shadows would not touch his area of meditation ever. But the king failed to keep up to his promise. Once the construction was completed, the retreat of Guru Balu was unfortunately shadowed by the fort.

As soon as the shadows touched his meditation place, Guru Balu Nath cursed the village to remain roofless. Bhangarh immediately transformed into a cursed city and could never be rebuilt as no structures ever managed to survive in it. Even if a roof is built today, it collapses soon after. Another interesting thing to note that the tomb of Guru Balu Nath can still be found among the ruins.

The other myth says that Singhia, a well versed occult magician who used to live in the region had fallen in love with the charming princess Ratnavati of Bhangarh. According to legends, her beauty was nonpareil and stories of her surpassing physical attractiveness even transcended kingdoms and borders. When she turned eighteen, suitors from several states proposed her for marriage. Singhia was also one of them. He realized the fact that he had no similarity with the princess. Finding no way by which he could attain her, he decided to use black magic to enchant the oil intended to be used by her, such that the mere touch of the oil would hypnotize the princess, and she would surrender herself.

However, Singhia's plan was failed as the princess somehow informed earlier about his intentions, and she threw the oil away. The oil touched a stone, and the stone, rolling towards the wicked  Singhia and crushed him. While dying, he cursed the fort with the death of all who dwelt in it. The very next year there was a battle between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh. And Ratnavati accepted the death in the battle. But, locals believe that she has returned in a different form and will ultimately come back to end the unfortunate spell on Bhangarh.

Bhangarh Fort haunted stories

A number of haunted stories about the fort have been reported which span over a long time. Locals refer to this place as the ‘Bhoot Bangla’ or ‘Haunted House’, claiming that different types of paranormal activity took place at night in the fort. Ghosts and evils roam in Bhangarh fort and make strange noises and bizarre activities.  They heard women screaming and crying, bangles breaking and strange music emerging from the fort. A special perfume is emanated from the Bhangarh Fort along with ghostly shadows and inexplicable lights. Some people have felt the strange sensation of being followed and even slapped by an invisible entity. Tourists also claimed that they have felt ghostly apparitions along with the reports of music and dancing coming from within the city and fortress. Owing to this, no one dares to visit this site after sunset. According to locals who went, most of them didn’t back. But some people say it is nothing rather than rumor.

One of the incidents is heard that of two young boys, who decided to spend a night in the fort but never returned home. Similar to this tragic incident, another boy decided to visit the fort during the night with lighting equipment but fell in a steep well located in the middle of the fort. Although he was rescued immediately by his friends while he was being rushed to the hospital, the car got crushed in an accident and all three died on the spot.

Another urban legend claims that a group of tourists once bribed the keeper of the fort to let them inside the complex of the Bhangarh fort after nightfall. The keeper let them in with a stern warning that it wasn’t advisable to go inside the fort at that time. In spite of the warnings, the group ventured into the realms of the fort, where they noticed a boy sitting alone inside one of the rooms. The creepy part was that there were no accessible doors or windows in the room!

The doors are therefore always locked after dusk and entry into the Bhangarh Fort at night is absolutely forbidden by Archaeological Survey of India. Are all of the Bhangarh Fort stories factual or just strange pieces of fiction? Is the Bhangarh Fort really haunted? Nobody can say. Ghost hunters perhaps can.