Alexa Teenage gang: A name of terror

Dhaka, Saturday   21 September 2019


Teenage gang: A name of terror

 Abu Kawsar Ahmed, Tangail

 Published: 09:14 PM, 24 August 2019  

Symbolic Photo

Symbolic Photo

Gang culture is now very popular among teenagers. They have involved actively even though not operating gang by name.  

Doing parties, playing the horn at a high speed and eve-teasing the girls on the streets are parts of their daily activities.  Sitting in various places including Tangail Shaheed Memorial Municipal Garden, capsule market of the city, Ansar Camp lake bank, Tangail girls’ school and harassing school-college girls are their regular practices. 

But their guardians and law enforcement forces are apathetic to these gangs. Citizens complain that they have been seeing the depredations of these teenagers for a long time. Their high-speed motorcycle races are one of the reasons for the pedestrian panic.

Some of the students of Major General Mahmudul Hasan Adarsha College said regarding these gangs that when any certain party is heavy the boys of that group are considered as big brothers. 

They control the playing field, motorcycle races, etc. In the meantime when another party tries to take control — the fights have occurred.

The big brothers or influential political leaders in the area solve after the clashes. These teenagers become reckless under shading of such big brothers and politicians. They are very active in any political meetings and processions. 

Recently, a group of teenagers from the city court were drinking alcohol in front of a shop near the Mirer Betka area after evening. At that time, people from that area prevented and told them to leave. Shortly after the teenager left — a few others went there and attacked the locals. Even four of the locals were injured and the gang members left. The injured were rushed to Tangail General Hospital.

Besides, a group of teenagers murdered a mother named Rozina Begum in front of her three-year-old girl at Rakhbellata village in Porabari UP on March 28 night regarding a clash with the youth of two villages. 

They are also adept at drug use. They are also in deep of drug addiction for all time and becoming intolerant.  Groups are being created in social media groups like Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Twitter by such gang members. 

Zahirul Islam, associate professor of Criminology and Police Science of Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University of Tangail, said that after reviewing each case of the teenage gang- it was found that they were somehow in wrong and intoxicated by the apathy of the family. “Two classes of educated and little educated teenagers are addicted to gang culture. They have a tendency to pretend themselves,” he added. 

Tangail DC Shahidul Islam said that scout movements have been strengthened in all educational institutions so that the teenagers of the district do not get involved with crime. Scouting teaches students to be regular and good people. This is why crime trends among the students of the school are decreasing. 

Regarding the teenage gang, Tangail SP Sanjit Kumar Roy said that several had already arrested and brought them under the law as they were involved in juvenile crime. “Awareness campaigns are being launched in educational institutions so that the crime of adolescents will not increase in Tangail in the future. At the same time, parents need to be more aware,” he added.