Teddy Day: Gift a teddy bear to your loved one today...

Dhaka, Wednesday   14 April 2021

Teddy Day: Gift a teddy bear to your loved one today

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 Published: 10:15 AM, 10 February 2021   Updated: 02:46 PM, 10 February 2021

Teddy Day today

Teddy Day today

Gift a teddy bear to your loved one today (Wednesday), the fourth day of Valentine’s Week. Teddy bears are very popular as Valentine’s gifts. As giving a gift to your loved ones increases the strength in the relationship – teddy bears must be on the list of preferences.

There is a great story behind the origin of one of the most popular soft toys in the world. Let’s read how Teddy Bear became the most popular gift –

U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt went hunting in Mississippi in November 1902. He was then plagued by border issues in Mississippi and Louisiana. After a long search, Roosevelt did not find any prey that day. In such a situation, his rifle was itching for prey! 

To please President Roosevelt, his companions captured a Luciania black bear cub, however, the President did not want to shoot at the bear cub that was tied to the tree trunks. He left the little bear alive.

The story was told in the cartoon ‘Drawing the Line in Mississippi’ by Washington star cartoonist Clifford K. Berryman. In the cartoon, he drew a “Teddy Roosevelt” standing with a rifle in his hand. Behind him is a small bear cub.

Cartoon ‘Drawing the Line in Mississippi’ inspired behind the Teddy Day

Morris Mitchum, an owner of a toy store in Brooklyn, was inspired by the cartoon. He made a sweet teddy bear. However, he had no intention of selling it. He put the teddy to the shop window with a copy of the cartoon drawn by Berryman on the side. 

Surprising him, customers want to buy that teddy as soon as they enter the store. Mitchum ran to Roosevelt. He wants permission to sell his and his wife’s handmade bears. Teddy Bear was born then, with this, Ideal Toy Company was formed in 1903.

This special ‘Teddy Day’ of Valentine’s week cannot be missed in any way. A tiny teddy bear can swing the mood of your ‘angry’ lover in an instant. Without spending a word, that one teddy can become your messenger and convey your secret feelings to the person you love. All quarrels, all arrogance will go away with that one doll.

Gift a Teddy Bear toy can swing the mood of your ‘angry’ lover in an instant

Let this gift of soft caress keep you in love throughout the week. This is a wish for all the readers of Daily Bangladesh.