Tech Land - BD: Trusted computer hardware company...

Dhaka, Monday   18 October 2021

Tech Land - BD: Trusted computer hardware company

 Science & IT Correspondent

 Published: 04:58 PM, 5 October 2021   Updated: 05:28 PM, 5 October 2021

Tech Land - BD; Photo: Collected

Tech Land - BD; Photo: Collected

Numerous computer hardware vendors have sprung up across the country. However, there are companies in the country that are providing computer hardware services to customers with reputation and honesty — one of them is Tech Land - BD.

The company has two branches at the Computer City Center (Multiplan) at New Elephant Road in the capital. 

While visiting the store on Sunday (September 3), it was seen that every branch has crowded with customers. 

When asked about this, the company’s CEO Md. Rakibul Huda Majumdar replied that the presence of customers was quite good amid the COVID situation in the country. “We are different and ahead of others due to the trust of the customers,” he said.

It was learned that Tech Land started its journey in 2016 at the Multiplan Center in the capital with only three manpower including one employee. Now, the company’s capacity has increased hundreds of times in the last 5 years. Currently, 53 employees are working in the two branches of the company. Tech Land will open a new branch in Chattogram, outside Dhaka, at the beginning of 2022. 

When asked — “What is the secret of such success within a short time?” In response, Md. Rakibul Huda Majumdar said, “We have tried to give the best product to the customers from the very beginning of the company, as a result, we have been able to gain the trust of many customers. Our old customers are creating new customers. Thus, the range of our company is growing day by day.” 

Tech Land - BD mainly sells computer hardware or computer equipment of 500 brands including monitors, mouses, casings, motherboards, ROMs, CDs, and DVDs. The company even offers a variety of software services. Tech Land has already acquired the world-famous brands Samsung’s Platinum, HP, Dell’s Silver and Asus’s Gold Partnership.

Tech Land - BD is providing online services even before the COVID pandemic. In March 2020, Tech Land - BD became a member of the e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB). Although Tech Land - BD is emerging in e-commerce, the company currently receives more than 3,000 orders per month.

“The whole setup of our e-commerce is different. There is a separate team to provide 24-hour service to customers across the country. The internet is a basic need and we are working to convey this demand to everyone,” Rakibul Huda Majumder said. 

Tech Land - BD has won several awards in the last 5 years. Among them are MSI Champion 2019 (MSI Incorporation), Best Emerging Partner 2019 (Flora Limited), Asus Most Valuable Partner 2020 and Logitech Best Partner in Gaming Segment 2021 (Logitech Switzerland).