Tears become main resource...

Dhaka, Wednesday   23 September 2020

Jathivanga Genocide Day

Tears become main resource

 Thakurgaon Correspondent Daily-Bangladesh

 Published: 10:29 PM, 23 April 2018  

Pic: Daily Bangladesh

Pic: Daily Bangladesh

Today is April 23, Jathivanga Genocide Day of Thakurgaon. On this day of 1971, the Pak army killed more than 3000 innocent Bengalis in 15 villages of Sadar upazila.

47 years have passed. The relatives of those martyrs have not got anything, even not recognition, no justice. Even the day does not remember any program of government or non-government organizations.

Tears are their only resources. Someone is begging to be alive, someone works day-to-day jobs

On the day before the incident, on April 22, 1971, three thousand people of 15 villages, including Chak Haldi, Singia, Chandipur, Basudevpur, Gauripur, Milanpur, Jagannakkhpur, Shukhanpukhuri- five unions of Thakurgaon Sadar upazila started to refuge in India to save lives. The local opposition opponents prevent them by obstructing them in Jathabhanga area.

The next day, on April 23, the local Razakars informed Pak army. After killing innocent Bengalis, the Pak Army buried the bodies on the bank of alongside the river. In one day 350 women became widows. Even after 47 years of independence, those widows did not even receive the honour of the martyr`s family.

Tirpah Mohan of Jagannathpur village of Sadar upazila was shot in the house of genocide and lying on the bed due to various diseases. Paralysis is suffering from a disease and she is struggling to live. 

Thakurgaon Acting Freedom Fighters Commander Badiuddoza Badar said that we have struggled in many movements for the recognition of widows of all martyrs of genocide. But the government did not take any notice. We all want the recognition of those widows and justice of the murder of their husbands.

Thakurgaon DC Akhtaruzzaman said that the government is working on the spirit of liberation war. In the Thakurgaon Sadar Upazila, the recommendations of the Ministry of Liberation War will be given to the families of the martyrs in genocide.