Teacher takes salary without signing attendance sheet!

Dhaka, Friday   03 April 2020


Teacher takes salary without signing attendance sheet!

 Sarankhola (Bagherhat) Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 09:46 PM, 19 February 2020   Updated: 09:46 PM, 19 February 2020

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It has been alleged that an assistant teacher has been collecting salaries for almost three years, despite not signing the school's attendance sheet at Sharankhola in Bagerhat. 

According to vocal instruction, the teacher is currently taking classes at Khwantakata Government Primary School of the Upazila, said a source.

It has been known that Mosammat Chhabi Akhter, a resident of the Khontakata area of ​​the Upazila, joined 89-No Gazi Para Primary School as an assistant teacher in 2016. Shortly afterward, she applied for a transfer to 13-No Khotankata Government Primary School near her home. Later in July 2017, she started taking classes at 13-No Khotankata Government Primary School. 

Since then, Chhabi Akhter did not sign to attendance sheet but she withdraws salary on a regular basis. On condition of anonymity, a teacher of the school said that such an irregular work was being done in connection with the present education officer. 

About this, Maqsuda Akhter, headteacher of Gazipara Primary School, said that about three years ago, Chhabi Akhter had been transferred from my school. She has no signature in the school attendance department and she does not come here. However, I do not know how her salary is come from. 

In addition, headteacher at 13-No Khotankata Government Primary School, Bipul Bihari Roy said, "At a verbal instruction from the then education officer Mohammad Akhter Hossain, I asked Assistant Teacher Chhabi Akhter of Gazipara school to take classes in my school." Since then she is taking classes here. However, she did not have any sign in our teacher's attendance sheet. There is no teacher crisis in the school. Besides, I have not received any documents related to her transfer so far and I do not know under which school she is getting salary. 

In this regard, teacher Chhabi Akhter said, I joined 13-No Khotankata Primary School after being transferred by the authorities. If you want to know anything, please contact the concerned authorities and I do not agree to answer any other questions. 

However, the senior assistant education officer Mizanur Rahman Pike said that Chhabi Akhter is not a listed teacher of Khotakata School, her name is listed at the school. It is not a matter of me to see if she signed the attendance sheet of the school. As a rule, it is my responsibility to look into whether those schools are functioning properly. 

Assistant Education Officer Bidhan Chandra Roy said, "I did not know that the teacher was in Gazi Paara school before. I informed you and the matter will be investigated soon.

On the other hand, our correspondent called several times to talk with the primary education officer Ashraful Islam but he did not receive the phone call.