Tasnuva doesn’t want to go back to horrific childhood memories...

Dhaka, Sunday   11 April 2021

Country’s 1st transgender TV news anchor

Tasnuva doesn’t want to go back to horrific childhood memories

 Staff Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 03:22 PM, 8 March 2021   Updated: 03:23 PM, 8 March 2021

Tasnuva Annan Shishir

Tasnuva Annan Shishir

For the first time in the country, a transgender named Tasnuva Annan Shishir has been appointed as a news anchor. This year, on the golden jubilee of Independence, she was seen presenting news for the first time on the screen of the private television channel Boishakhi TV on International Women’s Day. 

At the beginning of the news reading, she said, “Today is a special day for the country’s media Boishakhi TV and for me to touch a milestone. As one of the first transgender women in the country, I appeared in front of the audience as a professional news anchor on television.”

Tasnuva expects everyone’s love for Boishakhi TV to create a history that breaks the stalemate forever.

In a recent media interview, she reminisced about her horrific childhood.

Tasnuva’s childhood name was Kamal Hossain. Where childhood is a golden moment for everyone, but it was a nightmare for Tasnuva.  She never wants to go back to those bitter childhood memories. And that longing has given her the power to change her life. She has been transformed from Kamal Hossain to Tasnuva Annan Shishir. 

Tasnuva said her childhood was “full of humiliation and bullying”. She has been a victim of “trolls” since she was five or six years old. Thousands of insults like “hijra, Chakka, half ladies” made her childhood a horrific moment. 

Apart from these, she once left her family and set foot in the outside world due to various realities around her, resulting in the beginning of Tasnuva’s other life. 

She had to work in different places to pay for her education. She also had to face various adversities in those jobs. “Even after giving my best, I was not properly evaluated,” she claimed. 

Besides studying, she has also taken part in various cultural activities.  

About her journey in the world of news anchor, Tasnuva said, “Like everyone else, I gave interviews here, then I faced viva, I faced every technical part. As I did not do any separate course for news anchoring, I could not even think of getting a chance here.”

Tasnuva Annan thinks her new journey will play a big role in changing the social attitude towards people like her.