Alexa Taslima blasts Zaira’s decision to quit Bollywood for religion

Dhaka, Thursday   22 August 2019


Taslima blasts Zaira’s decision to quit Bollywood for religion

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 Published: 02:17 PM, 2 July 2019   Updated: 02:18 PM, 2 July 2019

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Bollywood star Zaira Wasim announced the decision to quit acting on Sunday mentioning that acting career does not go with her as a Muslim. Many people have made positive and negative comments about Zaira’s quit acting. Now Taslima Nasrin made comments about Zaira. 

In a tweet about Zaira, Taslima wrote, “Bollywood’s talented actress Zaira Wasim wants to quit acting because she thinks her acting career almost destroyed her faith in Allah! What a very moronic decision!”

“People are saying Zaira’s choice to quit acting for religion should be respected. Really?” she also wrote remarking, “Women are brainwashed by misogynistic patriarchal society to be submissive, dependent, illiterate, slaves, sex objects, childbearing machines. Women have no freedom or option to choose.”

“Women are oppressed because of patriarchy, religion, misogyny. Both men and women should fight against those to create an equal society where no one is treated as an inferior being,” Taslima also wrote in the twitter.


Zaira wrote a long post on her Facebook page, “The journey was very tiring. Despite the success, it consistently interfered with my Imaan. Life is too short, but bigger to fight with yourself.”

“Although I feel fitting in this world of acting, I am not satisfied. Not very happy about my work and identities. As a result, I am becoming something else. So, I announced to give up this path,” Zaira wrote. 

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