Taslima-Farid’s new journey ends before beginning by Meghna!...

Dhaka, Sunday   05 December 2021

Taslima-Farid’s new journey ends before beginning by Meghna!

 Hatia (Noakhali) Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 02:05 PM, 16 December 2020   Updated: 02:10 PM, 16 December 2020

Taslima Begum with her husband Farid; Photo: Collected

Taslima Begum with her husband Farid; Photo: Collected

Taslima Begum was going to her in-law’s house holding her husband Farid’s hand with a d wedding saree, however, the couple could not start the new journey by the cruel irony of the Meghna River’s strong tides.

An engine-driven trawler carrying a wedding party including bride and groom capsized on Tuesday afternoon on the Meghna River due to a strong current at the Southwest of Chairman Ghat in Hatia. Seven people, including the bride Taslima and her grandmother, died.

The trawler was going to Dalchar with 80-85 people of a wedding party from Hatiya’s Dhalchar. But when it reaches the Tankirkhal-Ghasiyarchar area of ​​the Meghna River, the trawler faced a strong current, resulting in the capsize of the trawler.

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At that time, the people of the administration including the Coast Guard started the rescue operation with the help of the locals.

At the moment of drowning, some people swam ashore, however, most of the passengers went missing. Taslima died within minutes. Her body was easily rescued after seeing the red saree she was wearing. Her grandmother’s body was also found.

Hatia Police Station OC Abul Khair said the bodies of seven people were recovered. They are bride Taslima Begum, 22, her grandmother Nur Jahan, 70, Raihena Begum, 30, Asma Begum, 26, her daughter Lamia, 2, Lily Akter, 6 and Hosne Ara Begum Rupa.

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Eight people are still missing. They are Zakia Begum, 55, Hasina, 7, Nargis Begum, 4, Halima Begum, 4, Lamia, 3, Niha, 1, Amir Hossain, 2 and Alif, 1.

According to locals, the accident took place when the trawler collided with a floating char. The passengers of the trawler were all bridesmaids of Ibrahim Sadagar’s daughter from the local Nol Char.