Tareq will return home: Musharraf

Dhaka, Sunday   05 April 2020


Tareq will return home: Musharraf

 Staff Correspondent Daily-Bangladesh

 Published: 05:22 PM, 27 April 2018  

BNP acting chairman Tarique Rahman will return home willingly from London on time, said Standing Committee Member Dr Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain. The day Tarique Rahman will say I will go to Bangladesh, Bangladesh is safe for me; He will return only that day - not before that.

The BNP leader also said that Tarique Rahman is staying in the country according to British law. The government of Bangladesh tried to misconstrue his position in London. The government cannot tolerate him.

He said these at the party`s central office of Nayapaltan at Prayer and Milad Mahfil on Friday for the release and well-being of Khaleda Zia organized by Nationalist Women`s Party.

Referring to Tarique Rahman seeking political asylum in Bangladesh, the BNP leader said that he was in the political asylum (political asylum) there. If anyone is in political asylum, his passport must be deposited in the home ministry of that country. He was given a travel document. It`s British rules If the person gets the political asylum, the country will not send him back to the country as long as the person has no environment to go to his own country.

`Tariq Rahman will be brought back to the country at any cost` - In response to the statement made by the prime minister on arrival at the local time on Friday, Khandker Mosharraf said that even if the Prime Minister stayed in front of the British Interior Ministry for 7 days, Tarique Rahman could not be brought back. Sheikh Hasina cannot be brought in the way she wants to bring him.

BNP`s policymaker said Khaleda Zia was imprisoned unfairly. In solitary confinement.

He said that the condition of the leader of the country`s leader was deteriorating day by day. Our claim is to release her unconditionally for the sake of healing. As if she would be free to treat it as well. Otherwise, if her prison sentence is extended, then She should arrange for treatment at the United Hospital.

He also said that this government wants to hold the next parliamentary elections keeping our leader out of the contest. It will not be allowed to happen. The release of Khaleda and eleven elections coincided. So the elections are not without the release of Khaleda Zia.

Musharraf said we are in trouble and the Awami League is in a panic. Because they know that if the election is free and fair they will not win in any way. Because people are not with them.

BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, Women`s party president Afroza Abbas, co-organizing secretary Abdus Salam Azad, former president of the women`s party and women`s affairs secretary Nurey Safa, Olema`s president Hafez Maulana Mohammad were present.

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