Take a view of heart disease symptoms to avoid risk...

Dhaka, Thursday   16 July 2020

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Take a view of heart disease symptoms to avoid risk

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 Published: 10:55 AM, 29 May 2020   Updated: 02:32 PM, 29 May 2020

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Heart disease is a kind of silent killer that can affect people of all ages- from adults to children. Although at one-time heart disease was thought to be the only disease of old age. But now it has been proven wrong. The fury of this disease is increasing day by day.

Many die suddenly of a heart attack. The death rate continues to rise due to lack of timely treatment as well as for not understanding heart attack. 
According to dermatologists, laser and aesthetic experts, many people do not know and understand the symptoms of heart disease. So every year a lot of people in the world die of a heart attack just because of lack of awareness.

Lacks of regular exercise, unhealthy eating habits, civic life, smoking, etc. increase the risk of heart disease. So to avoid the risk of heart disease one must stay away from these factors.

According to experts, knowledge about the symptoms of heart disease greatly reduces the risk of death from heart disease. But let's find out about the symptoms of heart disease-

> The first sign of heart disease is chest pain or discomfort.

> It also causes breathing problems.

> There is pain in the middle of the upper abdomen.

> It also causes pain in the left hand and jaw.

> Dizziness also can be occurred when you have a heart disease.

> Moreover, there is pain or discomfort in the upper part of the body such as backrest, shoulders, neck etc. 
If you feel all these symptoms, do not neglect to consult a doctor immediately. In this way, it is possible to reduce the death rate due to heart attack.