Tailback at Bangabandhu Bridge ease after releasing buses...

Dhaka, Friday   18 June 2021

Tailback at Bangabandhu Bridge ease after releasing long-distance buses

 Sirajganj Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 09:24 PM, 8 May 2021  

Tailback on the west bank of Bangabandhu Bridge

Tailback on the west bank of Bangabandhu Bridge

The long-distance buses that created a tailback of 10-km from West Intersection of Bangabandhu Bridge to Nalka in Sirajganj were released, as a result, the traffic jam in that area has become normal, police said. 

It was seen that there were no long-distance buses on the highway except the west bank of the bridge. The workers started protesting when long-distance buses halted in the Kadda area on Saturday morning. 

Some buses were later returned and some buses were released by the police. Many buses and trucks are still stuck in traffic. Traffic congestion was also intensified as hundreds of private vehicles have been diverted.

Sirajganj traffic inspector Md. Abdul Gani said long-distance buses were stuck on the Sirajganj highway. Many vehicles crossed the checkpost but got stuck in the toll plaza, causing a tailback. After talking to the authorities, the long-distance buses were released due to “humanitarian reasons” and the traffic became normal, he also said, adding: “But after today, no long-distance buses will be released.”

Additional Superintendent of Police (Kamarkhand Circle) said, “We have returned some buses. As more long-distance buses came from the two directions, a 10 km long traffic jam was created on the west bank of Bangabandhu Bridge. The workers started protesting due to halting the buses.

He added that many buses were stuck for two days. The stranded buses were released on the advice of higher authorities to ease traffic congestion. However, from now on, no long-distance bus will be allowed to run on this highway. Even legal action will be taken if the instructions are disobeyed.