Tailafang Jharna: A new waterfall discovered in Khagrachari...

Dhaka, Friday   22 October 2021

Tailafang Jharna: A new waterfall discovered in Khagrachari

 Abul Hashem, Matiranga Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 11:49 AM, 1 October 2020  

Tailafang Jharna

Tailafang Jharna

A new waterfall called ‘Tailafang Jharna’, scratching the mountain from a height of 50 feet has been discovered in Katalmoni Para, a remote town of Matiranga in Khagrachari.

Matiranga in Khagrachari, a hilly town surrounded by the immense potential for tourism and diverse green forests, is a little different from any other part of the country. With the passage of time, these hilly areas of the country have become very attractive to the tourists day by day.

Although it is a very inaccessible path, local tourists are visiting the new waterfall. “The communication system here is very bad. If the communication system is developed, Tailafang waterfall can become one of the attractions of the hill,” said Md. Monir Hossain, who came to visit from Taindong, mentioning that this will attract the local tourists, tourists from different districts.

Although it is an inaccessible road, local tourists are crossing the path to see ‘Tailafang Jharna’

Mahindra, pickups and motorcycles can be used to reach ‘Tailafang Jharna’ via Matiranga and Panchhari, then go down to the Katalmoni Para-Vaibonchhara link road via Principaler Bagan. The distance from here to Katalmoni Para is about 8km. In dry weather, it is possible to travel more than 4km by motorcycle.

It can take up to two hours to reach the waterfall on foot. On the way to the waterfall, any tourist will be fascinated by the view of lemon, taro, teak garden in the distant mountains. Then the desired ‘Tailafang Jharna’ can be seen as soon as descending from high hills following trees and herbs.

Tourists are crossing inaccessible paths

Farhad Hossain, who came to visit Tailafang waterfall, said that although it is scary to reach here, it can be very attractive for adventure lovers. “Those who like mountain waterfalls will undoubtedly enjoy Tailafang waterfalls,” he added.

Matiranga UNO Trila Dev said the administration would take all possible steps to make the Tailafang waterfall attractive to tourists by giving utmost importance to the local tourism sector.

Adventurers flock to Tailafang waterfall

Road infrastructure would be developed for access to the Tailafang waterfall by examining the potential of the tourist spot by inspecting the spot, he added.