Alexa TCB stopped sale of Ramadan commodities suddenly!

Dhaka, Monday   14 October 2019


TCB stopped sale of Ramadan commodities suddenly!

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 Published: 09:05 PM, 18 May 2019   Updated: 10:23 AM, 19 May 2019

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The government has started selling the essential commodities across the country through the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) at the beginning of the month to keep the prices of Ramadan affordable. In this program, five products were sold through 197 spot and hundreds of dealers across the country including 45 truck sales in Dhaka. TCB has stopped selling the products suddenly without any announcement.

TCB has played a role in controlling Ramadan market by selling essential sugar, oil, pulses, gram and dates. Consumers were quite interested in the purchase of these products. However, there has been anger among consumers and dealers due to the discontinuance of the sale of goods without any prior declaration.

Consumers did not meet the truck sales of TCB in waiting from dawn to noon at Azimpur in Dhaka on Saturday. Humayun, a van-product seller of Azimpur Chapra Mosque area told that it is not right stopping sale of the goods without any announcement. Besides, the government official Aminul Islam said, I came to take oil, but the car did not come.

TCB trucks are not seen in front of the National Press Club too, many people have come back bag packets.

Meanwhile, Khilgaon TCB dealer Lovely Enterprises owner Lovely said, we have to face the question of consumers as authority stop supplying the products without any announcement.

He said, to keep the price of Ramadan products and in the workers ‘purchasing power the government sells TCB oil and sugar every day till one day before the Eid. But this year it doesn’t sale up to 10 days. It's mysterious. If the price of sugar or oil increases, TCB have to take responsibility for it.

Regarding the matter, Nurunnabi, general secretary of the Dealers Association, said that many dealers have complained that their products supply have been stopped without any announcement. TCB did not tell anything about why it was closed.

He said there are a lot of products in Godawn yet. And if they denied, then our question, does TCB not stock enough for the month of Ramadan?

The general secretary of the dealer association said, "We will meet the chairman of the TCB on Sunday and will inform about not supplying the goods.