TCB preparing for Ramadan

Dhaka, Wednesday   08 April 2020


TCB preparing for Ramadan

 Meer Shakhawat Hossain

 Published: 08:04 PM, 19 February 2020   Updated: 10:35 PM, 19 February 2020

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When the month of holy Ramadan comes some unscrupulous businessmen tries to increase prices and for them, common people have to suffer much.

The trading corporation of Bangladesh (TCB), will sell essential products for the stability of the market as per every year. In the meantime, the process of buying products is also at the end, sources said.

During the Ramadan, TCB will sell six products worth over Tk 1,000 crore to control the prices of essential commodities. TCB generally sells soybean oil, sugar, lentils, legumes and dates every year during Ramadan. However, onion has been included in the list for this year due to price-hike.

According to Commerce Ministry sources, the price of soybean oil has increased by eight takas per liter in the past few days. Which is currently being sold at Tk 110-115 per liter. Keeping this in mind, the government will sell more soybeans this year than in the previous year.

According to the Ministry of Commerce, there is a demand for 20 lakh tonnes of soybean oil annually in the country. Of this, 3.5 lakh tonnes demand in Ramadan alone. TCB will provide 15 percent of the total oil demand this month.

This time, TCB will sell the essential commodities of sugar at 35,000 tonnes. Last year, TCB sold only 2,000 tonnes of sugar.

This time, TCB will sell 30,000 tonnes of onion. There are also plans to sell eight thousand tonnes of gram. Last year, the government company sold 1,500 tonnes of gram.

According to ministry sources, TCB will also sell 3,000 tonnes of lentils and 500 tonnes of dates in Ramadan this year.

On the other hand, it is reported that the government will strictly monitor the market to control prices during Ramadan. Some officials of the Ministry of Commerce said that market surveillance will be increased from this month so that no one can destabilize prices.

The Ministry has already sent an action plan to various government departments, including the Tariff Commission, the National Consumer Rights Protection Directorate, the Department of Agriculture Extension and the Bangladesh Competition Commission to stabilize the Ramadan market.

TCB Chief Information Officer Humayun Kabir said the preparations for selling goods during Ramadan are almost over. We are preparing to sell more products this year than last year. The six essentials product will be sold, the official said.

Commerce Ministry Secretary Md. Zafar Uddin said the government is fully prepared for Ramadan. He said every department concerned was careful about this.