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Magician Joya to promote Debi

 Staff Reporter

 Published: 02:51 PM, 9 November 2018   Updated: 02:51 PM, 9 November 2018



The film ‘Debi’ is still getting warm praises since it has been released. Conquering the home it is beating international popularity now. However different initiatives have been taken to promote ‘Debi’ from the beginning while actress Joya Ahsan is presenting herself as a ‘Magician.’

Joya appeared in public at Dhanmondi Rabindra Sarobar on Thursday afternoon to promote new released ‘Debi’ and performed magic like professional magicians before the people.

Famous magician Shaheen Shah directed the magic exposure and Rumman Rashid Khan’s presentation was the special attraction for the audience.

On this regard, Joya Ahsan said, “We heard that nature is so unusual but it keeps something covered affectionately, we try to explain that mystery with normal argument and say it’s unusual when we fail”.

“With this view, I decided to expose magic although I have tried to uncover the mystery of magic as a watcher, but now I have been able to understand something can’t be explained by saying, most probably this is the beauty of nature” She added.

Masranga television was broadcasting partner of this event and powered by Revive.

The film “Debi” is plotted on famous novel “Debi” written by 20th century’s famous Bengali writer Humayun Ahmed while star actress Joya Ahsan played the principal role. Another casts of the Psycho-argument based film Debi, are Chanchal Chaudhury, Animesh Aych, Iresh Jaker and many more.

Joya Ahsan received Government grant to make this film in 2015-2016 fiscal.