Surrendered militants tell torment story of Bohemian life...

Dhaka, Tuesday   19 January 2021

Surrendered militants tell torment story of Bohemian life

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 03:16 PM, 14 January 2021  



Nine militant members have surrendered to the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) at an event held at  RAB headquarters on Thursday morning. At that time, they returned to their family by handing floral wreaths to the Home Minister.

Of the nine militants – six are members of the JMB and three are members of Ansar al-Islam.

They are – Shawon Muntaha Ibn Shawkat, 34 of Sylhet, Dr. Nusrat Ali Juhi, 29, Abida Jannat Asma alias Tarad alias Ramisa, 18, of Cumilla, Abdur Rahman Sohel, 28, Mohammad Hossain alias Hasan Gazi, 23, of Chanpdur, Md. Saifullah, 27, Md. Saiful Islam, 31, of Jhenaidah, Md. Abdullah Al Mamun, 26, of Chuadanga and Md. Saidur Rahman, 22. 

According to the RAB, these militant members had to be separated from their families to carry out militant activities. Their comrades-in-arms have been arrested at various times, as a result, they always had to run. But escaping life is not easy. They were constantly in fear of arrest in the ongoing anti-militant drives of the law enforcement agencies. They even did not dare to use their identity at work or in residential areas. They become emotionally weak due to family turmoil, separation from relatives and friends. At one point, they understood their mistakes and contact with the RAB. Later, they all decided to surrender. RAB inspired them on this and created the opportunity for unconditional surrender.

At the surrender event held at the RAB headquarters, the militants spoke about various aspects of their lives.

Shawon Muntaha Ibn Shawkat

Shawon joined Hizb ut-Tahrir while studying at a public university in Sylhet. He later moved to the top level in the university branch of Hizb ut-Tahrir. He joined Ansar al-Islam in 2009. In 2011, he married Dr. Nusrat, who is also later motivated in militance. Later he moved to Dhaka under the direction of the organization. He started living in Dhaka in 2017 with his wife and two children. Fearing arrest in a joint operation by the law enforcement agencies, he kept moving to different places in Dhaka.

Dr. Nusrat Ali Juhi 

Dr. Nusrat married Shawon Muntaha while she was a student of a private medical college in Sylhet. The marriage is consummated through organizational approval. She used to participate in organizational activities with her husband. Due to her involvement in militancy, she had to work part-time in a few hospitals in Dhaka, hiding her identity.

Shawon and Dr. Nusrat had to live a Bohemian life Due to being a follower of militancy. The future of their became uncertain, the distance was created with relatives. Unrest also began in their life. At one point, they realized their mistake. As a result, they decided to return to normal life. They contacted the RAB and expressed their desire to surrender. 

Abida Jannat Asma alias Tarad alias Ramisa

After being involved in militancy, she married a member of Ansar Al Islam in 2018 without informing her parents. The life of hiding with her husband began. Being a child of a financially well-off family, she became disgusted for leading the Bohemian life, as a result, she expressed her desire to return to normal life.

Abdur Rahman Sohel

Sohel is a teacher by profession. He was arrested in 2017 in a militant case at Siddhirganj police station in Narayanganj. Released on bail in 2018, he re-established ties with militant members. However, as the warrant was issued again, he went into hiding. But this Bohemian life created distance with family and relatives. He also broke down mentally. As a result, he contacted the RAB and decided to surrender.

Md. Saifullah:

He joined JMB through his classmate while studying in a madrasa. He was mainly involved in daawati (invitation) and other organizational activities. But after some of his accomplices were arrested, he kept running away. His Bohemian life caused unrest in his family. He broke down emotionally and at some point realized his mistakes. He contacted the RAB and later decided to surrender.

Mohammad Hossain

A mason by profession. In 2012, he was employed as a construction worker in Dhaka. Saifullah inspired him to follow the JMB ideology. He continued the organizational activities of JMB with Saifullah. But at some point, he realized his mistake due to the uncertainty in Bohemian life and the turmoil in the family. After discussing with Saifullah, he contacted the RAB to return to normal life and later decided to surrender.

Md. Saiful Islam

In 2013, he passed Honors from the National University. He joined JMB in his student life and carried out extensive organizational activities in his area. Meanwhile, some members of the militant group went into hiding for fear of being caught by law enforcement. He had to flee to different places for a long time. He got divorced and broke down mentally. He became disgusted with such a life. So he contacted the RAB and later decided to surrender.

Md. Abdullah Al Mamun

He was inspired by JMB ideology by watching extremist videos with Saidur Rahman, 22. They took the bayat at a house in their area. Later he came to Dhaka and went into hiding. Many of their comrades went into hiding in the ongoing anti-militant drive. As a result, his communication with the comrades was cut off. They are separated from family, relatives and friends. They can’t even stay at home for fear of law enforcement. From their hiding, they realized that this life cannot be for a healthy person. They realized their mistakes, as a result, both of them contacted the RAB to return to normal life and decided to surrender.