Sudden rise of inbond murder; Why?...

Dhaka, Monday   26 October 2020

Sudden rise of family-inbond murder: Cause and findings

 Idris Alam

 Published: 08:41 PM, 27 September 2020   Updated: 08:50 PM, 27 September 2020

Photo: Symbolic

Photo: Symbolic

The safest refuge for a human being is his home. And the people of the family are the closest in the world. That is where the distance has increased nowadays. And with that, distance in faith, love, and trust has also increased. So incidents like murdering wife, husband, parents, and child are happening.

From personal moral turpitude to long-term planning, incidents of murders are on the rise. Experts say there is frustration with the socio-economic tensions behind such heinous crimes like family-inbond murder. And causes such as extramarital affair and reduced ability to control emotions. Incidents like murder are on the rise in volatile situations caused by the pandemic coronavirus outbreak.

On the other hand, government estimates say that about 40 percent of the total murders in the country are caused by family. The brutality of one incident surpasses that of another. This is giving rise to some incidents which have become the main topic of discussion and criticism across the country. Women and children are the major victims of these domestic killings.

According to the unannounced survey of a private human rights organization, around 163 women have been killed by their husbands in the country in the first six months of this year.

A middle-aged man named Mohar Uddin Milon, 40 was killed by his drug-addicted stepson Yasin in the southern part of the capital on Friday. The incident took place in front of his house in the Kotbari Charitek area under ​​Dakshin Khan Police Station around 8:30 pm on Friday (September 25).

According to the victim's brother Hridoy, Mohar Uddin Milon married Yasin's mother after the death of his ex-wife. Since Yasin was addicted to drugs, there were almost disputes between them. At one point in the altercation on Friday night, Yasin stabbed Mohar Uddin. He was rushed to Dhaka Medical College Hospital where doctors declared him dead at 10:30 pm.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police's Dakshin Khan Zone Hafizur Rahman Real said Yasin, stepson of the slain Milon Sheikh, has been arrested. He has confessed the murder.

Meanwhile, according to sources in the Legal Aid Center (ASC) Foundation, a brutal incident took place in February this year. An engineer named Rakib Ahmed working in Bangladesh Telecommunications Limited (BTCL) brutally killed his wife and two children. After the murder, he fled for two months in the guise of a beggar and a madman. Later on April 8, Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police arrested Rakib Ahmed from the Sadar Thana area of ​​Brahmanbaria district.

Rakib Ahmed said that even though he talked to his family members at different times under the pressure of creditors' money, his family and relatives did not believe him because of his gambling. Then, due to various pressures from the creditors, his wife Munni and his son Farhan say to him, 'What is the use of surviving like this? Kill us, it doesn't feel good to live like this. ' besides, he received huge pressure from creditors, distrust of relatives, and various issues of wife and children; that was unbearable for him. He killed them and fled.

Every murder incident is like a matter of Rakib, but every incident must have a story. In addition to the different socio-economic aspects, surroundings amid the coronavirus outbreak are also responsible.

Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police Deputy Commissioner Moshiur Rahman said social unrest works for domestic violence. That is why unexpected murders are happening with one's relatives at different times.

Regarding this social burning issue, Jyortimay Barua a lawyer of Bangladesh supreme court said crime has increased during this period of the coronavirus outbreak. Family disputes are more likely to occur due to long stays at home. Lack of financial solvency is also a big reason, he also said.