Stymied BNP dissatiisfied with Oikyafront

Dhaka, Thursday   27 June 2019

Stymied BNP dissatiisfied with Oikyafront

 Abdullah Al Mamun

 Published: 04:42 PM, 14 January 2019   Updated: 08:13 PM, 14 January 2019

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Daily Bangladesh Desk

BNP is facing tough challenges about future of Oikyafornt and 20-party as they lost in huge margin in the 11th parliamentary election. Twenty-party allies alleged that the importance of the Oikyafornt to BNP is increasing rather than allies. The party has become stymied in the face of unrest of the alliance with Oikyafront. On the other hand,  Oikyafront front leaders including Ganoforam have become abusive over 20-party's alliance with Jamaat.

According to political analysts, country's politics is still limited to two streams. Election culture is also similar. The newly elected Parliament is not the exception.

Awami League is forming the government for the fourth time under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina with a big victory in the elections. But at the same time, BNP-led Oikyafront candidates are demanding re-election by boycotting the elections.
Experts say that BNP has no representative in the parliament as they boycotting the vote. And there will be no certainty of how successful it will be to demand re-election tomorrow. In such circumstances, the BNP now faces a difficult test.

Alleging BNP is being misdirected BNP's senior and responsible leaders told Daily Bangladesh that and Party giving priority to Oikyafornt leaders than BNP.

They said, as the way BNP and Oikyafront are moving forward, it seems that only a few leaders have made this alliance to loot private interests. They will act in front of abandoning their party interests so that BNP is forced to expel them. Those people will then blame the party and walk on different paths. Besides, the leadership contradiction is going on within the BNP.

A 20-party leader asked the question to Daily Bangladesh correspondent and said how much profited BNP by making the alliance with Oikyafornt?
He said, what is Oikyafront given to BNP? If 20-party alliance had run in the election without Oikyafront, the result would have been better.

Asked about the announcement of BNP's 3-point program in coordination with the Oikyafront Bangladesh Nationalist Party (NPP) Chairman Dr. Fariduzzaman Farhad told Daily Bangladesh, we have not been informed about the program of Oikyafront. But we did not understand why it is not understandable.

He said, we have been suffering from equality or even with the 20-party alliance for a long time. But we did not understand why the program was announced by cutting our side. So it seems to us there is no need Oikyafornt in BNP.

He said further details will be discussed in the next meeting in the Joint meeting. We'll talk about these then.

Bangladesh-Kalyan Party BNP Secretary General Aminur Rahman said, "BNP has given a three-point program ignoring the alliance and is closely tied with Oikyafront. He said, if the 20 parties seem to be unimportant to BNP, then broke the coalition. What is the benefit to keep only nominal alliance?
Jatiya Party (Kazi Zafar) Presidium member Ahsan Habib Lincoln told Daily Bangladesh that the BNP has made the leader of the alliance. BNP can decide on the Oikyafront. But BNP should make those decisions at a 20-party alliance meeting.

The meeting of the Steering Committee of the Oikyafornt will be held on January 8. Then Oikyafront gave a three-day program with national dialogue.

On the other hand, last December's final meeting of the party was held on December 31. In the meeting, the alliance leaders alleged that the BNP has given importance to the Oikyafront rather than the nomination for the newly elected parliamentary elections.

Bangladesh Jatiya Party chairman Barrister Andalib Rahman Partha said Oikyafront has got the highest priority by BNP in giving the nomination of the candidate. It is being observed, the importance of the Oikyafront to BNP is increasing. And the priority of the 20-party alliance has decreased.

On the other hand, Ganoforam unhappy over 20 parties alliance with Jamaat. It creates unrest in Oikyafront. Oikyafront leaders are defeating the Jamaat-e-Islami for the election. Dr. Kamal Hossain on Saturday said that taking part in the election with 20-party alliance partner Jamaat was a wrong decision.
After the meeting with the central leaders of the party, he said, when I agreed with the unity, I forgot Jamaat. He also said that there is no desire to do politics with Jamaat.

Gonoforam general secretary Mustafa Mohsin Montu said in a written statement that the Oikyafornt wrongdoing in forming a fast front will be amended and a strong national unity will be created for the future.

If you want to know what the unintentional mistake is and what is meant to unity with Jamaat, then Dr. Kamal said, you have given a good example. I'll also remember it, yes.

'I said already publicly, it was not that I did not know. It was not told when I agreed. At least, in my opinion, it was wrong.

If you want to know whether the BNP will be forced to leave the Jamaat and come to the Oikyafront, then Dr. Kamal said, BNP may be forced to leave Jamaat.

When asked whether you will be in the Okiyafront if BNP keeps an alliance with Jamaat? he said I want to say plainly that no politics will be done with Jamaat. Immediately we will seek a solution to the BNP.

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