Stay young in four foods!

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Stay young in four foods!

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 Published: 01:24 PM, 20 February 2020  

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As age increases, the body also shows wrinkles, the impression of age. Many times due to the carelessness to the health, premature age wrinkles can be visible on the skin.

Do you know that with a little effort you can hide your age and keep your body beautiful and attractive This requires regular exercise, meditation as well as awareness of eating habits. For this, keep three foods in your everyday diet list; which will help you retain your youth. Let's find out about those foods


Eat curd regularly. Bacteria in curd are good for the body. Curd helps prevent diseases caused by aging. Also, curd contains calcium. As a result, the bones will be strong and the body will be more functional.


Orange is a very good food for the body. This is because it contains vitamin C. It helps keep the skin tighter.

Olive oil

Olive oil will keep you safe from the disease, so it will bring radiance to the skin. The use of which will make your age really look less.


Strawberries or blackberries are all good for the body. Especially black jam. It contains a lot of vitamin C. This species of fruit keeps the skin refreshed.