Stand for a while to lose weight, how?...

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Stand for a while to lose weight, how?

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 Published: 08:51 PM, 17 June 2019   Updated: 08:54 PM, 17 June 2019

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Long time sitting is responsible for weight plus, we all know this. But weight may decrease in reverse, many of us do not know? That means, stay standing for a few hours a day, your weight must reduce, guaranteed. But how?

But exercise is the most effective way to stay healthy and lose weight. But you can lose weight staying stand up. In fact, living a lazy life reduces our metabolism rate. And the weight get increased in it. But if you have been standing for hours in a day, the power to burn calories in the body increases a lot.

One consumes additional 0.15 calories per minute while standing instead of sitting. It is estimated that if a person weighing 65 kg is standing 6 hours a day, weight can be reduced to 54 calories.

Study found that, one spent sitting 13 hours a day and sleep for eight hours. So there is no physical labor during these 21 hours. So if you want to reduce weight, then stay standing for a little time.