Squash cultivation in sand char in Kaunia

Squash cultivation in sand char in Kaunia

 Sajjad Hossain Bappi, Rangpur Daily-Bangladesh

 Published: 01:19 PM, 11 February 2018  

Pic: Daily Bangladesh

Pic: Daily Bangladesh

Squash is being cultivated in the char of Teesta river in Kaunia, Rangpur. Through this, the farmers have started a new horizon in squash farming. 

The squash that cultivated in the area is being sent to different districts including Dhaka. As a result, The farmers see hope in squash farming.  

These are mainly varieties of Thailand squash that are very useful for health. In addition, profitable squash crops are harvesting in these areas. The upazila agricultural extension directorate is helping to cultivate squash in Kaunia.

The squash has been cultivated on 30 thousand holes on the ground in the Talukshahbaz of the upazila, Char Rajib, and Haricharan Sharma. The farmers of this region have set a peck on the other charred peasants and people of different districts. Farmers said that the cultivation will increase further in the coming season.

According to the sources of Agriculture Extension of Kaunia upazila, 90 hybrid varieties of squash have been cultivated for the second time with the financial assistance of the Upazila Parishad for their technical assistance. Squash has been cultivated in the current season by encouraging 300 farmers of Harishcharan and Char Rajib.

Farmer Mala Rani, Niranjan Chandra said, squash is like cucumber but its taste is different from other vegetables. In the meantime, squash marketing has started and Its market is much more in Dhaka. Every squash is sold at 50-60 taka.

They said that the businessmen of Dhaka had already contacted them. Its price is slightly lower in the local market. But the demand is quite good.

Farmer Nishi Chandra said that squash yield is also high and there is no disease in the crops. Farmers are very happy to find the way to earn squash cultivation on the fallen land of the grazing area and earn money from it. Hopefully, around 25 thousand taka will be earned.

Upazila Agriculture Officer Shamimur Rahman said squash is a healthy vegetable. With the help of the Directorate of Agricultural Extension in November, 500 farmers have cultivated squash in about 60 hectares of land. The cultivation of seeds and manure are imported from Thailand.

Water has been preserved by spreading polythene in the grazing areas. From there, there is necessary irrigation. There is no disease in it. So it is not necessary to use insecticides. In the current season, more squash has been cultivated than last year.