Spooky spiderweb found looks big enough to ‘catch’ a human...

Dhaka, Tuesday   01 December 2020

Spooky spiderweb found looks big enough to ‘catch’ a human

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 Published: 02:11 PM, 5 October 2020  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

An employee of the Department of Environmental Protection in the United States' Missouri photographed a giant spider web on a trail near Springfield recently. 

The Environmental Protection posted the photo, shot by Media specialist Francis Skalicky, on its Facebook page on Wednesday. 

The intricate, circular web was constructed between two trees, and the photo's perspective makes it look massive. 

According to the department's website, the web was made by an orb weaver spider, an arachnid known for its intricate web designs. They are large in size - approximately a half-inch for females - and are usually hairy or furry. 

In the comments to the photo, some users expressed their admiration for the art of the spider, while others said that on a dark night, a person could get caught in such a web. 

Environmentalists asked people to be careful with the spiderwebs, as their hosts help contain insect populations in gardens and parks. - Sputnik News, CNN