Alexa Sonarpara Cyclone Center collapse any time 

Dhaka, Monday   23 September 2019


Sonarpara Cyclone Center collapse any time 

 Kaisar Hamid Manik, Ukhia

 Published: 12:43 PM, 2 March 2019  

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

After declaring as derelict for eight years, the Sonarpara Cyclone Center of Jaliyapalong UP of Ukhiya was not broken. The building’s condition is so shaky that it can collapse any time. This includes the risk of loss of life.  

Rooftop plasters were fell from the building that was built in 1977 to save the coastal people from natural disasters. There were even cracks in the ceiling. Iron rods have emerged in different parts.

There was Sonarpara Jame Mosque in the west of the building, Sonarpara Dakhil Madrasa in the east, Sonarpara Primary School and Hifazkhana on the south, Playground and Sonarpara High School in the north. So, more than ten thousand students of these educational institutions doing classes every day with death risk. 

In context, chairman of the Sonarpara Jame Mosque Managing Committee, Maulana Rahmat Ullah said, “There is a Wudu place beside the abandoned building. But the building is so risky that the pilgrims who came for prayers are always in fear. Besides, the abandoned building has become a sanctuary for gamblers and drug addicts.” 

Chairman of the Sonarpara Madrasa Management Committee, SM Syeed Alam said, “The UNO of Ukhia announced the cyclone center as abandoned eight years ago. After frequently requests to break the building, no action was taken.”

Ukhia UNO Nikaruzzaman Chowdhury said that if the application was received by the monitoring organization, the building would be dismantled.