Social media’s new sensation: Daily Cricket...

Dhaka, Monday   18 October 2021

Social media’s new sensation: Daily Cricket

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 Published: 08:53 AM, 4 October 2021   Updated: 08:54 AM, 4 October 2021

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Cricket is celebrated like a religion in the south-Asian region, however, outside of it, the mass people also are quite crazy about it, as it has become an integral part of everyone’s life while spreading its likeliness throughout the globe. 

Everyone in the current world checks cricket scores in the busiest time of their day-to-day life, among the spread of technologies worldwide, cricket has also spread its wings, and made everyone out there, into a cricket fan, and it’s quite visible in the social platform, as well.

As an online media portal to cater to the needs of the cricket-obsessed nations, including Bangladesh, Daily Cricket has been delivering regular cricket content to cricket fans around the world since its inception in 2017. Being one of the leading cricket news portals, and a reputed social media platform, Daily Cricket has generated a massive buzz amongst the fans over the years as one of the most authentic and reliable sources of cricket news and coverage. 

The Facebook page of Daily Cricket currently has over 1.7 million followers, while their website regularly gets in about 1 million visitors per month, making it one of the most popular Bangladeshi online cricket portal for the fans to get their news, articles, photos, videos, trivia etc. 

They have taken the game onto a new level, connecting the cricket fans from all levels, to keep them under a separate roof, beyond the horizons. 

When contacted, the Founder and CEO of Daily Cricket, Mr Rabiul Alam, has stated that it is his passion for the game and past working experience that made him realize that there is a lack of proper cricketing platform that not only serves news and contents, but also gives a voice to the fans, lead him to found and start Daily Cricket. 

He has vast experience of working on cricket on Digital platforms and was instrumental of setting up and establishing the official Digital platforms of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB), which was at one point, the largest integrated digital asset of Bangladesh. 

He has experience working and establishing other popular cricketing platforms as well. 

Daily Cricket has received not only the love and affection from the fans, but it has also maintained its class to remain as one of the top cricket-based portals in Bangladesh, as it aims to overcome certain boundaries in the near future, to reach out to cricket lovers all over the world, by serving them all kinds of cricketentainment, that they seek.