Snatching cases rise in Habiganj...

Dhaka, Wednesday   20 January 2021

Snatching cases rise in Habiganj

 Habiganj Correspondent

 Published: 06:17 PM, 10 January 2021  

Snatching cases rise in Habiganj

Snatching cases rise in Habiganj

Theft, snatching, and robbery incidents have increased drastically in the industrial areas of Habiganj. The people of the area especially workers who travel along the road daily after work have to lose everything to snatchers. 

The workers of the area are extremely worried about the issue. The victims demanded increase in police patrolling, protection of industrial areas, and setting up of industrial police camps for the safety of workers.

Factories have been built on the lands on both sides of the 80-kilometer road from Sherpur to Madhabpur upazila on the Dhaka-Sylhet highway. Which is enriching the district in a very short time. 

Many local and foreign industries have been established at Nurpur of Habiganj Sadar Upazila, Alipur of Shayestaganj, Baghasura of Madhabpur Upazila, Nayapara, Jagadishpur, Nabiganj and the villages adjoining the highway of Bahubal Upazila. Which creates job opportunities for many unemployed youths in those areas.

The industries established in the area are Square, Pran, Badsha, RAK Star Ceramics and Forselin, Greatwall-Charu Ceramics, Bengal Group, RFL, Jamuna Group, Rupayan, AG Ceramics, China Ceramics, and various domestic and foreign companies. 

Meanwhile, a number of snatching circles have become active in the industrial area. Especially in the evening when the workers return home many of them have to lose everything to snatchers. 

Talking to the victims, it is learned that snatching incidents have been taken place in the evening. In recent, it has increased even more as the fog has increased due to winter. Alipur Old Railgate, Square Gate, Purasunda, Sutang Bachirganj, Nurpur and New Bridge in Shayestaganj are the main area for snatching. 

Worker Swadhin Chowdhury said we earn money by working day and night in the factory. But the snatchers looted everything from us in an instant. Many workers have been robbed and lost their way. We (workers) demand that police security be strengthened on our way to and from work. 

Worker Alpana Akhter said the snatchers did not stop just snatching money. Sometimes they also sexually harass women workers. Therefore, it has become urgent to set up police camps in our industrial areas for the safety of women workers.

Habiganj Industrial Park General Manager (GM) Hasan Manjurul Haque said, "Recently, our workers are being robbed while returning from work. So our demand is that industrial police camps be set up on an urgent basis. Otherwise, the safety of the workers will be threatened."  

Shayestaganj Police Station OC Ajay Chandra Dev said, "Our police patrol has been increased in the industrial area. In the meantime, several identified thieves have been arrested and sent to jail through the court. Besides, immediate action is being taken as soon as the complaint is received."