Skin care during menstruation ...

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Skin care during menstruation 

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 Published: 12:12 PM, 31 May 2020  

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Many people suffer from various skin problems during menstruation like abdominal and back pain as well as dizziness is very common at this time. In addition to these health problems, various skin problems may occur at this time. 

It is very normal for the skin to become dry and pimples or acne to appear on the face. However, some home remedies will bring good result in this regard. Let’s know the remedies: 

Ways to get rid of acne
Many girls suffer from pimples or acne during the menstruation. In this case you must apply Aloe Vera gel on the pimple. Applying Aloe Vera gel can help you to get rid of irritation, pain and acne. Those with oily skin can apply ‘Multani Mitti' face pack on their face.

Dry skin care

Dryness of the skin is seen during the menstruation that causes the lips and skin to crack. In this case, it is very important to keep the skin moist. So you must drink more water, you can also drink coconut water and fruit juice. It is better to use moisturizer to reduce dryness.

During the menstruation, the dullness generally appears in the mouth. Scrub the face to remove the dullness of the face. Coffee can be scrubbed with a mixture of sugar which will remove the dullness of the face and bring back vitality.

Dark circles and swollen eyes

Many people can not sleep properly at this time! This causes ink and swelling under the eyes. So take proper food during menstruation and sleep well. To reduce puffiness of the eyes, the eyes and face should be washed with cold water. You can also put cucumber pieces on the eyes to relieve eye fatigue.