Six reasons to why men prefer living alone...

Dhaka, Friday   05 June 2020

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Six reasons to why men prefer living alone

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 Published: 10:35 PM, 8 April 2020  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

It is not possible for a human being to live alone as they are asocial beings. Like the way everyone has to face difficulties to live without having partner. But, there are some men who like to live alone. 

Recently, US professor and psychologist Lisa Firestone tried to find out the reasons for living alone by conducting a survey on the subject. He has collected the opinions of more than 20 thousands single men through social media. By analyzing these, the psychologist was able to extract six factors:     
(1)    Most men suffer from discouragement when it comes to make relations for them. So they are afraid to get involved. 

(2)     Again, many men do not want to give too much concentrations or headaches for the relationships. So they don't want to associate themselves with anyone.

(3)    After the breakup of many, it is seen that they can never trust a woman for a second time. So they decide to be alone. 

(4)    More than 660 single men claim they are not good to see, hence, they want to be alone.

(5)    Some say they never bother in building up a relationship. 

(6)    The last reason is that many men cannot interact with women properly as they are very introverted and shy. For this reason, they feel uneasy to talk with women.