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Six essential tips for bride

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 Published: 10:47 PM, 14 December 2019  

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Sometimes we face many problems in our home. This could be a serious problem without knowing the solution. To solve such problematic issues in our home some tips given below which should be known every bride.

>When a room remains unused or closed for a long time a heavy bad smell comes to the nose. It is always very irritating.To solve such a situation two or three sticks of a match have to burn. Within two/three minutes your problem will be solved.

> To keep the terracotta items clean, You can apply natural colored nail polish on its. The color will remain intact.

> To keep the glasses clean, polish the glass with a drop of vinegar.

> Wooden furniture polished with cold tea-leaf boiling water. Within a minutes it will spark.

> When we do our bride work at home many times we could spot on the refrigerator. To remove the spot rub it with a sponge toothpaste.

> Combine a lemon juice and one tablespoon of phenyl with detergent and rub the bathroom tiles to see how it smells.