Shrimp with red spinach...

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Shrimp with red spinach

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 Published: 05:23 PM, 25 December 2019  

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Red spinach is full of vitamin A which is very essential to our health. Those who are health concern and maintain a healthy diet definitely keep red spinach on their daily meal list. Usually, we eat fried red spinach but we can cook red spinach with shrimp for different test.

Let’s try to cook the recipe-


Red spinach 250 grams, shrimp 1 cup, half teaspoon of turmeric, half teaspoon of chili, garlic 1 tablespoon, onion 1 tablespoon, raw chili 3 to 4 pieces, oil 2 tablespoons, salt and water as required.


Lightly fry the shrimp with a little turmeric and salt. Now cook the shrimp with will all the ingredients and stir continuously. After that cover the pan with a lid. While the water becomes dry sprinkle the raw chili on top. Put down the pan when it comes to smashed.