Shomi Kaiser faces criticism for her behavior...

Dhaka, Wednesday   25 November 2020

Shomi Kaiser faces criticism for her behavior

 Entertainment Correspondent

 Published: 03:50 PM, 25 April 2019   Updated: 04:33 PM, 25 April 2019



Addressing journalists as ‘thief’, there has been a lot of discussion and criticism on Facebook surrounding actress Shomi Kaiser. 

In a press conference at the National Press Club on Wednesday, the actress addressed the journalists as thieves over the loss of her two Smartphone.  At the same time, she kept stuck all the people, including the journalists, for half an hour.

After the video footage contained in the journalists' cameras, it was seen that one of the workers took Shomi Kaiser’s two Smartphone. 

This incident came to light after the news of various media outlets in social media including Facebook.

Some were asked Shomi Kaiser to apologize, and if she did not want to apologize, they also announced a boycott. Some say that this mistake is unforgivable.  Some are also written, “Shomi Kaiser showed such an assumption with journalists with power and money.”

Peer Habib, executive editor, and columnist of Bangladesh Protidin has written that Shomi Kaiser will have to apologize to the journalists publicly, or we will boycott her. 

“Actress and trader Shomi Kaiser sat in the National Press Club and stopped the professional journalists from working, and she didn’t only search the body by security, she called them 'thief'. Later, she expressed her regret when the real thief was caught,” he also wrote. 

“The arrogance and slander insults of the false accusation of Shomi Kaiser and her security guards cannot be forgiven. She must apologize to the entire journalist community, and take action against her security personnel. Journalists cannot silent after this insult. We want statements from the leaders of the journalists’ organization,” columnist Peer Habib wrote. 

Ummal Wara, a reporter of Daily Amader Orthoniti, writes that Shomi Kaiser must publicly apologize at the Press Club. Journalists do not consider Shomi as a heroine. “We consider her as the daughter of martyr journalist Shahidullah Kaiser. Shahidullah Kaiser is the pioneer of the media. And our dearest niece called journalists ‘thief’.”  

Sheikh Mamunur Rashid, a special correspondent of the Daily Jugantor, writes that a journalist may be needy. “They are suffering due to non-regular wages or unemployment. They may have less capacity for home renting, childcare fees, meeting the needs of the wife, fulfilling the demands of parents and brothers and sisters. Maybe somebody gets the chance to get two or four alternatives to income. But I do not believe at least that they should be called ‘thief’. The people of the society know - who are the thieves, who are characterless, the gangsters, and the opportunists,” he wrote. 

Senior reporter of Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS) and former General Secretary of Dhaka Reporters Unity Mursalin Nomani wrote in a post on his Facebook, “Shame! We are ashamed to see your assumption!” 

Meanwhile, on Thursday morning, Shomi Kaiser wrote on her Facebook page to the journalists, “The events of yesterday (24/04/19) and to my dear journalist, I want to say - I was addressing at the inauguration of the ‘Bindu365’ e-commerce based tourism site. After my speech, I suddenly saw my two phones were not found. But I found the phones were active when I called my numbers. Actually, the mobile phone is very important for us all.” 

“Along with such comments, the main gateway of the auditorium was closed. At the same time, my security guard wanted to search all the bodies, and my dear journalists agreed with that. When some people wanted to go out after search, security personnel were asked them to come to the door by forming the line. At one point, they got involved in heated arguments with journalist brothers.” 

“Due to this, the journalists who came to perform their professional duties got excited. During this time, the journalists were also involved in heated arguments with the organizers of the event. Normally, I was very upset but I did not give any such disrespectful speech,” Shomi Kaiser also wrote.  

“Later, some journalist brothers have seen in the ongoing video footage in the camera that a worker carrying the cake took two Smartphone at the program,” she wrote adding, “Then, I expressed my regret immediately to then present journalists and it was a 'misunderstanding' which is unintentional and unwanted. I am also the son of a national journalist. I have never had any other purpose and have not ... Thank you.” 

On Wednesday, Shomi Kaiser's two phones were stolen in front of hundreds of people at the Zahur Hossain Chowdhury auditorium of the Press Club. At that time, she was speaking at the inauguration of e-commerce-based tourism site ‘Bindu365’. At the end of the speech, she suddenly told that she could not find her phones. However, he was able to get the phone still functioning.