Shining Dhaka with clean air-clear sky...

Dhaka, Tuesday   26 May 2020

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Shining Dhaka with clean air-clear sky

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 12:22 PM, 30 March 2020   Updated: 12:34 PM, 30 March 2020

Clear sky, air pollution reduced in Dhaka. File Photo

Clear sky, air pollution reduced in Dhaka. File Photo

The capital city Dhaka is merely blank as the government declared 10-days general holiday is ongoing amid the coronavirus scary. No car eels on the road. No rush to the office; not thinking about getting on the bus at the right time. Garments, shops, markets-malls are all closed. Now everyone is spending at home. So the roads and streets of Dhaka are quite clear now. The sky is clear; the air is clean with reduced pollution.

The Air Quality Index (AQI) of Air Visual Technologies, a US-based world-class air-testing technology, is just 93 in Dhaka on Monday. Dhaka is now dropped to 22 in the world air index. Thailand's Chiang Mai and Beijing of China are ranked first and second having 220 and 160 scores, respectively, on the list of polluted air cities in the world. Delhi is ranked third with 160 points.

According to experts, at other times, the level of air pollution is between 250 and 300. Last Monday, the 195. The next day on Tuesday it was 157. On Thursday, the the level of air pollution was also 157. Environmentalists say the air pollution in Dhaka will be reduced further.

For the past six months, Dhaka has occupied most of the top spot in the index. The index had risen to 391. According to experts, the score 50 to 100 is a tolerable condition. 100 to 150 are sensitive, 150 to 200 are unhealthy, 200 to 300 are very unhealthy, and 300 to 500 are dangerous. The present situation in Dhaka is tolerable.

Abdus Sobhan, general secretary of Environmental Protection Movement (EPM) and former Additional Director General of the Department of Environment, said that different public, private and small projects, vehicles and industrial factories are now closed. That is why air pollution levels have dropped. These are the main sources of air pollution in Dhaka.

Climate change expert Dr. Ainun Nishat said the levels of the air re reduced because of the closing of massive air-pollution sources. Then if we work more according to the plan, the air pollution will not increase. But it is also important to remember that if every people of the country is aware and want to save the environment for their own benefit, then it can be really possible to prevent pollution.