Shams gets ‘Silver Button’ from YouTube...

Dhaka, Thursday   22 October 2020

Shams gets ‘Silver Button’ from YouTube

 Entertainment Correspondent

 Published: 03:45 PM, 14 October 2020  

Shams and her husband with ‘Silver Button’ from YouTube; Photo: Collected

Shams and her husband with ‘Silver Button’ from YouTube; Photo: Collected

There are very few people who did not enjoy watching Shams-Shamsu’s quarrel or arguments with their mother. Millions of people have watched funny videos of Shams on all the platforms like Facebook or YouTube. She also recently received a ‘Silver Button’ from YouTube in recognition, as a result, Shams is quite excited about this.

In 2018, Shams uploaded the first video on a Facebook page called ‘Thoughts of Shams’. That video instantly spread among netizens. “The deprivation that women have to suffer all the time” - Shams highlighted these issues through social media. However, she got most of the responses during the Covid-19 pandemic period.

Now, the number of Fans of ‘Thoughts of Shams’ is around one million. As soon as she releases a video, viewers increase rapidly. She is currently working full time on her YouTube channel, Facebook page and video content. Although she was thrilled to receive the ‘Silver Button’, the biggest reward for her is the love and the respect of the people.

Many people say “YouTube and Facebook are currently like golden egg-laying ducks” - in response, Shams replied, “These are not golden egg-laying ducks, but diamond egg-laying ducks. Besides, I want everyone's cooperation so that I can create better content in future.”

Many content creators have lost in the course of time. However, Shams thinks that creativity is very important and he has to be diligent. “You can't go too far by imitating someone. Work must be done with love, then success will come. It is also possible to earn good money if you are regular,” she said. 

Addressing the fans, Shams Afroz said, “I would like to say one thing that they have loved me from the beginning till now. Now just pray for me so that I can give you more quality content.”