Shami`s wife Hasin gets rape and murder threats...

Dhaka, Sunday   27 September 2020

Shami`s wife Hasin gets rape and murder threats

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 Published: 08:29 PM, 8 August 2020  

Shami`s wife Hasin gets rape and murder threats

Shami`s wife Hasin gets rape and murder threats

The distance between Indian cricketer Mohammad Shami and his wife Hasin Jahan is a widely discussed issue. After the controversy issue came to limelight, many have scolded Shami, while others have advised him to do everything as before. But this time Hasin has received direct threats of rape and murder.

Hasin Jahan is a very controversial character. Netizens make negative comments about her for many reasons, such as going to nightclubs, wearing shorts, dancing, and singing in public. However, she had never received a death threat before. 

A few days ago, Hasin made a post on the day of Bhumi Puja of Ram Mandir. There were no unreasonable or immoral words in that post. Besides, there was no religious incitement in the post. On the contrary, Hasin showed respect to the followers of other religions there. She wished and congratulated the Hindu community for constructing the Ram temple. 

However, many could not accept Hasin's congratulatory message to the Hindus for building a Ram temple as she is Muslim. As a result, some fundamentalists question it! At first, some extremists insulted Hasin. At one point, they started threatening to rape and kill the wife of India's star cricketer. 

Hasin has been criticized many times before, but she continues to be like herself. However, this time she is quite scared of the threat. As a result, Hasin has sought help from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Netizens have expressed mixed reactions to her such claim.