Shakrain: Old Dhaka’s traditional festival

Dhaka, Monday   17 June 2019

Shakrain: Old Dhaka’s traditional festival

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 Published: 03:42 PM, 14 January 2019   Updated: 03:45 PM, 14 January 2019

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Daily Bangladesh Desk

The Shakrain festival is also known as Poush Sankranti or kite festival. People of different religions and different age groups of the profession will take part in the festival.

The festival is started at the beginning of the Bangla month of Magh and the first phase will begin with fireworks.

The dawn frenzy starts from the morning and begins with the rhyme of music. The festival is participate with the people of Old Dhaka in the rooftop of each house. The festival loquacity increases with the number of kites in the sky. 

Shakrain festival begins with the kite festival that was introduced by the Nawab Nazim in the year of 1740 in Old Dhaka. From then the kite festival is celebrated with enthusiasts in Dhaka.

‘Poush Sankranti’ another program of Shakrain, is a traditional day of Old Dhaka. On this day, the people of Shakhari Bazar, Rai Saheb Bazar, Bangshal, Bangla Bazar, Sadarghat, Dayaganj, Murgitola, Kagojitola, Gandaria, Bainanagar, Laxmibazar, Singtola, Sutrapur, Dhupkhola, Jagannath University area, Court Kacheri area of old Dhaka used to fly and organize kites for the whole day. 

Winter is one of the most comfortable times of the year in this region; this is a befitting celebration to enjoy with friends and family throughout the years.

The festivity does not halt with the setting of the sun. The night skies become lit with fireworks and across the roofs, bold displays of fire-breathing and other flame stunts are seen. If you cannot get enough of fireworks and itching for an occasion to see more this January, so do not miss this evening.

When night falls, fireworks light up the sky of old Dhaka. Flame-eaters also gather on the roofs to entertain people with their skills of manipulating fire. 

The much anticipated kite-flying competition is scheduled to take place today afternoon as the congested rooftops of Old Dhaka will be decorated tastefully. 

The festivities will mark another Bangla tradition which is rooted deep within joyous and fun-loving culture.

This day is also celebrated by the Hindu community in India, Nepal and Bangladesh in many cultural forms, with a variety of names like ‘Maghesangkranti’, (Nepal), ‘Saakrat’ (Delhi and Haryana), ‘Uttarayan’ (Gujarat), ‘Maghi’ (Punjab) and many more.