Shakib Khan may face jail time...

Dhaka, Sunday   09 August 2020

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Shakib Khan may face jail time

 Entertainment Correspondent

 Published: 05:55 PM, 2 July 2020  

Shakib Khan

Shakib Khan

Filmstar and Producer Shakib Khan is going to face jail time for violating copyright law – using parts of Dilruba Khan’s song ‘Pagol Mon’ in the film ‘Password’ produced by Shakib and using it commercially on mobile phone internet packages without permission.

The Bangladesh Copyright Office has given the copyright certificate to the late lyricist Ahmed Kaiser, composer Ashraf Udash and singer Dilruba Khan as the proprietors of the song.

Zafar Raja Chowdhury, registrar of the Copyright Office, told the media that it would be a violation under Section 71 of the Copyright Act if Shakib Khan used the ‘pick line’ and lyrics of the song ‘Pagol Mon’ in his ‘Password’ film without the permission of the certified owners.

“If the allegation is proved, Section 82 of the Copyright Act provides for imprisonment of six months to two years and a fine of Tk 50,000 to Tk 400,000,” he added.

Meanwhile, Shakib Khan claimed that he took “verbal permission” from Dilruba Khan before recording the song. However, Dilruba told that “she did not give any permission”. The composer of the song Ashraf Udash also said the same thing.

In order to use any registered song as copyright, there must be a written agreement signed by the owner, says the Copyright Office, adding, “There is no legal basis for a verbal permission.”

About this, Shakib told the media that he talked to Dilruba Khan on the phone during the shooting of ‘Password’. Another producer Iqbal, director Malek Afsary and screenwriter Abdullah Zahir Babu were present.

“They are witnesses, I have taken permission from Dilruba Khan for the fusion of the song ‘Pagol Mon’. She became happy too, even blessed me. I don’t understand why she is now refusing after so many months. What’s her purpose? She is a senior artist of the country and is now trying to blackmail by lying,” he said.

“If Dilruba Khan does not give permission, why should I take only two lines of that song?” Shakib Khan questioned, saying “she was happy to know that I was using two lines of the song. She even said the listeners will be interested in the new song. Now a large-scale artist like her is cheating with the help of lies.”

Shakib Khan said, “The movie ‘Password’ was released from my company last Eid. Before that, the song was released on YouTube. When the song was released, why was she silent? If she told me, I would have dropped those two lines, I wouldn’t even have kept the song. I can make a movie worth crore of takas, why should I take a risk with a song! It is not as if I didn’t use those two lines, the movie would be a huge loss!”

Singer Dilruba Khan has filed a General Diary (GD) against popular film actor Shakib Khan with Gulshan police station on the issue of copyright on Monday.

About this, she told the media that Shakib Khan and his company did not take permission from them and they even refused to talk about the matter. 

In the GD, she, “I want compensation of Tk 10 crore by sending a legal notice in this regard and as there is no solution, I pray for justice by making a general diary on behalf of the lyricist and composer.”

It is worth to be mentioned that the first two lines of the song ‘Pagal Mon’ were used in the movie ‘Password’ starring and produced by Shakib Khan which was released last year. Indian music director Lincoln gave the lyrics and music of the new song with two lines. Ashok Singh sang the song. The film, directed by Malek Afsary, was released last year.