Shahabuddin’s `watercraft` to fly and run at sea ...

Dhaka, Sunday   27 September 2020

Shahabuddin’s `watercraft` to fly and run at sea 

 Cox`s Bazar Correspondent

 Published: 11:09 AM, 15 July 2020   Updated: 11:15 AM, 15 July 2020

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Shahabuddin, a Saudi returnee in Kutubdia upazila of Cox's Bazar, is making a 'watercraft' using a Toyota engine that will able to run at sea at a speed of 75-80 kilometers per hour. Even with a powerful engine and good quality fan, it will fly in the sky. 

Shahabuddin said that now the speed of the craft has been reduced. If a good quality fan is installed, its speed will be 100-110 kilometers per hour.

He added that the watercraft will have all the facilities to navigate in bad weather while the waves of the sea cannot do any harm to it. 

Shahabuddin went to Saudi Arabia in 2003 and there he worked as a car engine mechanic. Later he gave a workshop himself. He returned to the country in July last year and made a workshop on trawler and car repair in Kutubdia. But he stopped because he could not find an expert man. Then he thought of doing something like himself. That's when the plan to make 'Watercraft' came to his mind.

"I thought of making it five years ago," Shahabuddin said, “When doing practical work, different types of ideas come to mind. I started making this craft from that thought.” 

He said that “He worked on aircraft parts for two years under a Lebanese aircraft engineer after working on car repairs in Saudi Arabia. But I didn't do it for a long time because the salary was low. It was also the reason for returning from abroad.” 

Shahabuddin's watercraft will run on water. “I tried to fly it first,” he said, “High-powered engines and powerful fans are needed to fly. But I didn't find them here. For this reason, I have kept the flying part closed for the time being.”  

He added that the craft will run like a speedboat. But like a plane, there will be fans on both sides. The fan will run with the help of two winds. Its primary fuel will be diesel. The craft has not been named yet though the locals named it ‘Water Helicopter’. The day I inaugurate it, I will name it as per the choice of the locals.

Lastly Shahabuddin said “There are plans to launch the craft at sea with government permission after Eid-ul-Azha. There is still about 20 percent work left. Construction work has been stopped for several days due to rain. It can be completed within a week.”