Shabana to return country when situation improves...

Dhaka, Sunday   27 September 2020

Shabana to return country when situation improves

 Entertainment Correspondent

 Published: 07:17 PM, 8 August 2020  



Shabana left the film industry 20 years ago and left for the United States. She often comes to Bangladesh and took part in various social events. Shabana last came to Dhaka with her husband in December last year and returned the United States in February. However, the once heartthrob actress will return to the country soon.

It is learned that Shabana is currently in New Jersey, USA. She did not leave the house for about 4 months due to coronavirus. She wanted to come to the country next September but cannot come now due to fear of the deadly virus. The legendary actress expressed her desire to come to the country when the situation improves. 

Shabana said that she was moved to stand by the people of the country and the country in the coronavirus disaster. But that didn’t happen as the flights were shut down. “But I will return to the country soon and work for the welfare of all,” she said.

Shabana with husband Wahid Sadiq

Telling her home-at-struck times during the Covid-19 period, the former actress said she has spent the last four months by doing all household chores, prayers, and fasting.

31 films have been made by the production company of Wahid Sadiq, Shabana’s husband. The notable films are – ‘Bhat De’, ‘Goriber Bou’, ‘Shami Stri’, ‘Ami Sei Meye’, ‘Man Shomman’, ‘Oshanti’, ‘Bisshashghatok’, ‘Dui Poyshar Alta’ etc. The latest movie produced by his company is ‘Shami Chintai’ directed by Sohanur Rahman Sohan, starring Manna, Mousumi, Rituparna and Sharad Kapoor, was released in 1999. 

After moving to the United States, no new movies were made from this company. But when Shabana and her husband returned to the country last year, it was heard that Shabana and her husband were going to make another film from SS Productions. He has also spoken to several directors. Many think that they can start that work when they return to the country.