Sequential missile attack on Saudi...

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Sequential missile attack on Saudi

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 Published: 05:21 PM, 29 March 2020  

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Ballistic missiles and rockets have been launched in Jizan, Saudi Arabia's southwestern city and Riyadh, the country's capital. However, the country's media has claimed that they have been stopped all of them.

Saudi television al-Arabiya said the country was able to withstand two rockets in Riyadh and Jizan.

Al-Akhbaria Television, operated by the Saudi government, said a ballistic missile was destroyed in the skies of Riyadh.

According to the news agency AFP, three blasts were heard in Riyadh. In addition, residents of southern Jizan also reported hearing multiple blasts and the sound of sirens.

So far neither party nor group has claimed responsibility for the missile attack in Riyadh. However, Yemeni troops and the popular Ansarullah forces often launch retaliatory missile attacks in Saudi Arabia. The attacks have been reported in retaliation for the Saudi aggression on Yemen for the past five years