Separation can causes death

Dhaka, Tuesday   07 April 2020


Separation can causes death

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 Published: 12:05 PM, 17 February 2020   Updated: 12:12 PM, 17 February 2020

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Life is not a bed of roses for all but a bed of thorns for someone. A person is himself or herself responsible to make his life either the bed of roses or the bed of thorns. Those whose life is full of Love, their life is full of happiness but it is not true for everyone.

However, these word seems false for those, who do not have love. There are many couples who cannot continue their marriage life and chose to separation path. But separation from a spouse increases the risk of passing away early, said research.

There are many of us who are very emotional and cannot cope with this sudden change. Even they do not share their sorrows with others and become worried, it is not good for health. This is where sudden cardiac problems can happen. All the control of love is with the heart. Experts call this problem Broken Heart Syndrome.

The problem can be seen suddenly after talking very excited mood. In many cases, this problem is seen in women above the age of fifty. This trend is also noticed among young people recently. An important part of this, of course, is workload. Also, any relationship is less and more complex nowadays. There are very few people who are simple-minded. So many people chose to separation path but later they can not cope with the pain.

Symptoms of this problem are chest pain, pulse rate rise and so on for several days. This increases the chances of heart blockage as well as blood pressure. So instead of trying to hold back the hardships of the breakup, cry openly. If possible share your problems with someone close to you and try to live normally. Because this problem can cause your death!