Self-reliant in turkey farming...

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Self-reliant in turkey farming

 Shamim Ahmed, Barishal

 Published: 04:19 PM, 5 March 2019  

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Ajgar Ali, a youth of the Ulania village of Mehediganj Upazila of Barishal district, is dreaming to be self-reliant by rearing turkey chicken.  

At first, he started the farm with 11 chickens. The number of turkey chickens on his farm is increasing day by day. As a successful farmer, he has been working hard day and night. 

His farm has white, black and bronze colored turkeys. As well as turkey chickens, he is also rearing hen partridge poultry.  

This turkey chicken is the new addition to the poultry industry. The scientific name of the turkey bird is Meleagris. But it is known as turkey chicken in our country. 

Turkey is being reared all over the world or on the farm. This chicken of Meleagris species lives in the North American forests. Turkey meat is delicious As a result, it has also commercial potential. 

Md. Ajgar Ali said, “This turkey chicken gives one egg per day. Turkey chicken grows faster than broiler chicken. With granular food, this eats plants, leaves, grass, vegetables etc. Among them, it eats henna spinach, cabbage, water-hyacinth etc.” 

“A turkey chicken gives 80 to 100 eggs a year. Four eggs price is Tk 800. At first, I started rearing with a 30-days turkey baby. Every pair is sold at Tk 3,000-10,000. 30-days babies price is Tk 3,000. It can rear on home or poultry,” he also said. 

Ajgar Ali also informed, “There are 11 turkey chickens on my farm. The female turkey is weighing 5-6 kg and the male turkey is weighing 8-10 kg. There are no major diseases, but vaccinations of chicken pox must be given. Turkey meat is sold at Tk 400-500 per kg. As a result, the business is profitable.” 

Barishal district animal resources officer Dr Md Nur-e-Alam said that turkeys look like chickens but they are very big in size. “Turkey grows faster than broiler chicken. Easy to rear, they eat plant, leaves, grass, and vegetables as well as grained food. A 6-month old turkey bird or chicken is weighing five kg or more than that.”  

Turkey meat is very tasty. It has enough protein in this meat, but less fat. Turkey meat contains zinc, iron, potassium, B6, and phosphorus. Regularly eating this meat reduces cholesterol in the human body. Apart from this, amino acids and tryptophan are also rich in turkey meat and increase the immunity of the body.