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Dhaka, Sunday 20 Jan, 2019

Self-reliant by flower sale

Natore CorrespondentDaily-Bangladesh.com
Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Natore’s Al Amin, though he has no land, he established Sherkol Shibtola Bohumukhi Nursery on others land by renting the land of 25 katha.

Despite the severe cold, fog, keen sun and rain, Al Amin running his family by selling trees and flowers for the last 10 years.

Al Amin, a resident of Hatobariya area of ​​Serakul UP in Singra upazila of Natore. Al-Amin's nursery has 35-40 types of fruit, forest and medicinal plants including Mango, Jackfruit, Amalaki, Guava, Olive, Hog Plum, Bedana, Litchi, Orange, Malta, Lemon, Wild Mahogany, Akashmoni, Grhitokanchyan, Taruk Chandal, White and Red Shameplant.

There are also Rose, Tuberose, Hasna Hena, Gandharaj, Belly, Bakul, Kamini, Randan, Sheuly, Chameli, Marigold, Chrysanthemum flowers which are provided to various educational institutions, marriage and family events.

Al Amin came to Singra upazila town after placing trees and flowers in van from the nursery every day. Then sold at temporary shops in Gol-e-Afroz Government Honors College area.

Al Amin said, “12-13 years ago, I worked in different nurseries for the salary of Tk 6,000-7,000 in Dhaka. Then came to Singra and built nursery on 25 kathas in Sherkola.”

He also said, “I leased the 15 kathas of land for 40 years for Tk 60,000. Tk 5,000 from another 10 katha in one month is need to givr land owner. There are about 40 species of fruit, forest and medicinal plants worth Tk 1.5 lakh to the nurseries. About Tk 18,000-20,000 is earned each month.”

“First, I took the loan to start the business, but now there is no need for loan is needed from the bank. All the loans have been paid,” Al Amin added.


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