Alexa Security covers whole country

Dhaka, Saturday   20 July 2019

Security covers whole country

 Edris Alam

 Published: 09:09 PM, 28 December 2018   Updated: 09:09 PM, 28 December 2018

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Daily Bangladesh Desk

One day left to 11th national elections. Ending all discussion and criticism, the nation is to meet the vote on Sunday. Members of all law enforcer agencies are working to cover the country in a security shadow front of the vote festival. One thousand 16 Platoons BGB members have been deployed across the country.

Armed forces are on duty in 407 upazilas across the country. Of them, the army for 389 upazilas and the Navy will patrol in 18 upazilas. Earlier, the elite force RAB, police and Ansar have been playing in the field, according to the directive of the Election Commission, sources informed. In all, about 6 lakh members of the law enforcing agencies are working relentlessly in the field to hold the election properly.

Additional activities of the law enforcing agencies, including the RAB and police check posts, were noticed from Friday morning in the capital. The army is seen to patrol the capital. The capital has already been surrounded by the security cover for the parliamentary elections. In different areas, special check posts were installed outside the police check post. RAB check posts have also been set up with the police to strengthen security.

Election campaign ended although poster-banner in different areas of the capital has been seen yet.

Not only the capital, but the whole country has been covered in tight security coat responding elections. Almost 10 thousand RAB personnel have been deployed in security concern. The members of other law enforcers are working equally in coordination with the police.

Meanwhile, preparations for the Jatiya Sangsad election are going on throughout the country. Security measures have been strengthened at the election centers. Law enforcement forces patrol in the important points to avoid violence. In front of the parliamentary elections, 637 officers of the administration cadre have been appointed as executive magistrates with the power to conduct mobile courts. They will be responsible for protecting the law and order in the electoral areas as well as preventing crimes related to crime prevention and violation of election code of conduct.

Election Commission officials said the EC has planned to deploy 14 people, including a policeman, in a general area polling station, 15 people, including three policemen in the metropolitan area, and 14 members, including two policemen in remote and coastal polling stations. Members of RAB, BGB, Coast Guard and Armed Police Battalion will be patrolled as mobile and striking force.