Secret features of smartphone must be known ...

Dhaka, Tuesday   27 October 2020

Secret features of smartphone must be known 

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 Published: 09:30 PM, 26 September 2020  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Smartphone has some features that many users are not aware of, but these are very effective. These features can be of great help even in times of danger. Let us now know some of the features and tricks that are very effective. 

There is no need to turn off the video if you want to click a picture during make a video on smartphone. The iPhone also displays an icon of the photo while taking video, in where if you click it will capture pictures at the time of video being recorded. 

Many times the remote of the television, speaker or device at home goes bad, to know whether the remote is really damage or not, it can be known through the smartphone. Just place the remote sensor in front of the phone's camera and press the remote button. If the light on the remote sensor blinks, it indicates that the remote is OK and if the light does not blink, then it ensures of damaging condition of remote. 

Smartphone has a very good feature if you want to read any text on the screen when your eyesight is poor; which is called magnification. With this feature different parts of the screen can be zoomed. For this you have to tap the screen three times, it will zoom the screen. 

Nowadays smartphone has the feature of macro lens, which can take pictures of very small objects. Through this, the camera lens can be made more zoomed and smaller objects can be seen in larger resolutions without zooming.

Smartphone headphones are not only useful for listening to music, but also for taking pictures. Although this feature is not present in the earphones of all smartphones. However, it can be verified whether the smartphone has this feature or not.