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Dhaka, Tuesday 22 Jan, 2019

School children in Yaba supply!

Shyamnagar (Satkhira) CorrespondentDaily-Bangladesh.com
Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Nowadays, school children are being used to supply the Yaba.

When they supply the Yaba though the agent to addicts, they will be given a fixed amount of money. On the one hand, these children are becoming addicted to Yaba and many of their same-age friends are also engaged in the same process.

Many of these children’s parents know about the matter. But for unknown reasons, they are also using their own children instead of keeping them away from such misdeeds. Children of families living in Kaloni Para area of Badghata village of Shyamnagar Sadar Upazila of Satkhira are known to be the most affected by this work. Apart from Gopalpur road, some emerging children from the southern part of the Badghata region are also involved in the supply of Yaba.

On the condition of disclosing the names, some students have confessed that in some cases they have been taking a shipment from Shyamnagar to Dhaka. Some of their parents know are aware of the matter. These children are claiming that they only get the commission that is supplying by them. They are used because they are out of suspicious due to students of the school.

Investigations have revealed that those who were arrested, imprisoned in narcotics cases in Shyamnagar Sadar, now control the Yaba Syndicate.

It has been revealed by talking to several children involved in supplying Yaba that despite the closure of the ‘Don’ Rezaul chapter in Shyamnagar, the spread of the drug did not subside. Yaba suppliers supply the Yaba in the adjacent areas of the central side of the Eidgah grounds at Shyamnagar. Besides, some students of Hazaribagh and Gopalpur including the Master Para area and the emerging young people are now involved in the supply of Yaba shipment.

However, most of the children and youth of Shyamnagar’s Sundarbans Cinema Hall area are now involved in the supply of Yaba.

Mentioning that the old drug traders never left the highly profitable business, locals (fear of harassment) said that their drug regime strategy has changed. They further informed that the students who are involved in Yaba business, they become the next godfather.

The locals complained that it is thought that the Yaba business is supposed to reduce as the ‘Don’ Reazul killed in a gunfight, but in the last few months, it has been increased several times. In this case, the old traders are playing the lead role.

According to the complaint, many people have become addicted to Yaba due to the involvement of these children in Yaba supply. Many people complain that these school children are daring to buy Yaba at such a young age by funding the blind faith and confidence of a family.

Asadul Islam and Abdul Barik, both of them said that most of the Yaba supply in the northern side of Nakipur Bus Stand to the Nakipur Secondary Girls’ School Road and the New Terminal area. Many school children of the area, carrying the Yaba and delivered to the buyers from afternoon to evening. Many others also work to bring Yaba from different parts of Shyamnagar to Dhaka, said the source.

In this regard, the conscious guardians of the area urged the DC, SP of Satkhira, and Sadar Police Station to take necessary steps in this regard.


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